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The all-new EZCare makes it easy for you to issue bills and get paid so you can spend less time managing administrative tasks and more time making your program the best it can be._br_With self-service online and mobile tools, flexible payment options, and the convenience of automatic payments, EZCare makes it easy for parents to make a payment so you get paid faster - and with fewer headaches chasing down late payments!_br_You can now save time and make work easier by directing parents to pay online through the self-service parent portal connected to the EZCare system. Payments made through the online parent portal are automatically posted to the child’s record in the ledger in real-time._br_Simply add a link to your portal on your center’s website and direct parents to sign in to make a payment online. They’ll be able to review their current and past bills, and pay with a credit or debit card, or an e-check bank transfer. They can even enroll in automatic billing by saving their preferred payment account securely in the system._br_Tracking down and collecting late payments takes your precious time away from doing the things that really make a difference for your program. But with automatic payments, you will get paid on-time, and in-full!_br_Offering parents the convenience of automatic payments is the easiest way to ensure timely payments. EZCare gives you and your parent community the tools to save a bank account or credit card securely to make future recurring automatic payments a snap._br_Parents love being able to pay directly from their mobile phone or tablet. EZCare offers a mobile-optimized experience with the online Parent Portal, so parents can make a payment quickly and easily from any device._br_For centers that use the EZSmiles mobile app, payments are a breeze! Simply send a message that payment is due and with just the push of a button, parents can pay from the palm of their hand._br_EZCare calculates fees and tuition according to whatever pricing rules you set. Fixed pricing per time period, variable rates by ages or classes, discounts, subsidies and dozens of other pricing models can be input to the system and posted to the ledger based on actual or contracted attendance._br_When you collect a payment through EZCare, the software automatically updates the child’s ledger without any manual data entry. Fewer errors and more precise bills will make a measurable difference to your program’s financial success._br_EZ Payment Services is a complete solution for all types of payments: e-check bank transfers, credit cards, prepaid cards, and debit cards. As a PCI-Compliant provider of secure payment processing, EZCare’s integrated payment tools make it easy and secure for parents to make a payment online, in-person, over the phone, or on their mobile device._br_EZCare even lets you process any paper check electronically as an e-check, and accept payments made from a Flexible Spending Account. EZ Payment Services is committed to delivering a secure experience for you, and for your customers. Any payment information processed through EZCare is completely inaccessible through the system, protected from theft with state of the art encryption and tokenization methods._br_Make payments easy with EZCare’s online and mobile payment tools, flexible payment options, integrated billing, and secure payment processing.

Childcare Payment Processing Video Overview

Make billing and payments easy with online, mobile, and automatic payments included with EZCare Child Care Management Software. EZCare makes child care billing and tuition collection a breeze. Save time by automating the administrative tasks that steal hours away from your day.