EZCare’s WebLink Integration

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Have you ever filled out your taxes online, purchased something from a website, registered for a 5k race, or signed up for an email account?_br_Then you already know how online forms work and how easy they are to use._br_EZCare has partnered with WebLink to offer an online forms feature that easily and securely collects data and imports records directly to your EZCare program (was system)._br_The EZCare team takes the paper forms you use now and creates digital forms using text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons - all customized to meet your needs! Your families (was customers) can complete these forms online from anywhere._br_Importing data, such as registration information, from your online forms is a breeze with EZCare’s Import Manager. Manage all of your data import templates in one place, and quickly and easily review records before bringing them into your EZCare program (was database)._br_You can use online forms to collect registration information and payments, keep emergency contacts up to date, manage parent association memberships, register for field trips, and more!_br_Don’t spend hours on tedious manual data entry when EZCare can do the work for you. Streamline your data collection and keep records up to date using online forms through EZCare’s WebLink Integration feature.

Integrated Online Forms

Whether you are with a school age program, child care center or a camp, if you manage child and family information, class schedules, or payment records, you likely spend hours on data entry to keep your system up to date. By using online forms to capture and import that data directly into EZCare can save you hours of administrative hassles.