EZCare Childcare Management Software Reviews

Across the country, childcare facilities are using EZCare to simplify their daily tasks, easily manage finances, safely administer check-in/check- out procedures and make payments easier for everyone. Read these EZCare childcare software reviews to hear from a few of our satisfied customers:

EZCare enables staff to cope with change.

EZCare enables staff to cope with change. - Columbus Montessori Education Center
We now spend less than an hour to do what used to take more than an entire day to complete.
Tiffany Harmon, Columbus Montessori Education Center

EZCare enables district’s growth.

EZCare enables district’s growth. - Issaquah School District
EZCare is the single best software purchase we’ve ever made. Since we started using EZCare, we have moved from operating $3 million a year to $8 million a year and we haven’t lost a single penny yet.
Nathan Winegar, Issaquah School District

Parents and Staff love the scheduling feature.

Parents and staff love payroll deduction. - Little Luke’s Early Learning Center
Before we had EZCare, we had a dedicated position to manage our scheduling day-in and day-out. Now that we have automatic scheduling, we’ve eliminated the need for that position entirely. So I guess you could say it saves us 2080 hours a year!
Jeanne Hayden, Little Luke’s Early Learning Center

Childcare software that’s easy.

Childcare software that's easy. - Northeastern Child Care Services
EZCare is easy to use and is even easier for record-keeping. You don’t have to go through tons of paperwork when you could get any answer with the click of a few buttons.
Julie Mattison, Northeastern Child Care Services

I think it’s awesome that this software has a payment portal!

Easy to use and intuitive. - White Bear Lake
We recently started accepting payments online and it has helped tremendously with the collections process. My business office especially appreciates the finance reports which provide all the information needed for reconciliations each month.
Julia Dale, Director, Visitation Ext Day/Summer Camp

I would highly recommend this for any size preschool.

Use just one database with EZCare! - Redding Rancheria Head Start
It has a good support team who is always quick to help you and solve the problem. I have tried other software but they were hard to use.
Laura Rust, VUMC Preschool

The Program Makes our Center Run Smoothly.

EZCare is comprehensive. - Salem YMCA
I have used EZCare for about 30 years. The program makes our center run smoothly, the option to store almost any information in the database makes it easy to quickly access information, like immunizations, to complete a report.
Diana Hechavarria, Office Manager, Anna Bing Arnold Child Care Center – Cal State LA

The customer service is amazing!

Great program! - Parma City Schools – Extended Day Care
I like that I can access this software from anywhere.
Anita Holmes, Trinity Wesleyan Child Care Center

Love being able to offer card payments.

With EZCare, billing is done right. - South Lake Schools
Parents love the ease of us being able to quickly pull up any information on their child/children, in case it needs to change, or if they need a copy of something.
Jennifer Will, Owner/Director, DAREARTS FOUNDATION INC.

This program is very easy to use.

I would recommend it to anyone! - Ashland Child Development
I have used this software program for some time now and over the years, features have been added to adapt to the way consumers pay for services.
Camille Swanson, Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District

We can easily create reports.

Easily post tuition and run reports! - Little Tikes Academy
We love that we can easily create reports with EZCare for whatever information we are looking for. It is very user friendly. The reports are easy to create and make the childcare director’s job more efficient.
Jenny Poling, Ralph J Stolle Countryside YMCA

I absolutely love my EZCare!

I absolutely love my EZCare! - Walnut Hill Early Childhood Center
I absolutely love my EZCare and think all your support people are wonderful! It is doing everything I need it to. My job would be completely unmanageable without it.
Pam Roberts, Walnut Hill Early Childhood Center

Support is great and it’s easy to use!

Support is great and it's easy to use! - Columbia Child Development
I think it is very easy to use and the support is great. I like that I can change the screens myself, to be however we want.
Dawn Trescott, Columbia Child Development

EZCare is easy to learn.

It’s all so much faster than it was before with Procare. - Fulford Christian Preschool
I use EZCare to post payments, enter client information, and post tuition. I use it to help email invoices to parents so that they may keep track of their balances. It also provides them a statement to use for tax purposes. This has taken a lot of work off the owner.
Elsie Huguley, Kiddie Kollege Preeschool and Daycare

It’s been wonderful!

The whole billing process now only takes me an hour. - Kids Club – Centennial School District #12
It’s been wonderful! Support is so helpful and kind. I am organized and I can plan ahead far better than in the past. All of our families’ information is in one place! I can project my numbers and see where I have space. I can see what I will be billing out in advance. I am able to build and tweak the system to meet my exact needs!
Andrea Bernard, Center for Early Education at Congregation Shirat Hayam

We don’t have to worry about the details of every bit of billing and receiving money.

We don’t have to worry about the details of every bit of billing and receiving money. - The B.A.S.C. Network
All we need to do now is click a button and all the transactions are processed, and then go into our bank account. We don’t have to worry about the details of every bit of billing and receiving money. It’s huge!
Andrea Maikowski, The B.A.S.C. Network

EZCare couldn’t be named better!

EZCare couldn't be named better! - Ralph J. Stolle Countryside YMCA
As a long time EZCare user, I cannot say enough good things about this software! The name says it all! It is so easy to use and the upcoming changes are going to make it even easier! Making the administrative side so much simpler, it allows us to focus on what is really important…the kids! Their customer service is excellent! Any questions I have or issues I have experienced are quickly handled and I am usually given tips and advice on easier ways to do things! I cannot imagine using any other company!
Melissa Gilmore, Ralph J. Stolle Countryside YMCA

We highly recommend EZCare.

We highly recommend EZCare. - Bethlehem Preschool, Inc
We have been using EZCare for more than 20 years. The product is easy to use, support is great, and upgrades/updates add excellent features. We can’t wait for the new version! We highly recommend EZCare.
Mary Morrill, Bethlehem Preschool, Inc

Easy to learn.

Best decision ever made. - Learn & Grow Child Care Center
Easy to learn, easy to find whatever I’m looking for like when I was looking to do a report, or last day for attendance, first day of starting, posting payments, emailing the ledgers to the parents.
Jasmine Hessami, Office Manager, Palcare

We love the updates. They always make it even better!

We love the updates. They always make it even better! - Day Care Junction of First Baptist Church
We had used another system for several years, but it went out of business. We were worried about having to start all over with a new one, but found out right away that it was a good change and an easy learning curve! And we love the updates. They always make it even better!
Jennifer Wilson, Day Care Junction of First Baptist Church

Posting and billing are so much easier with EZCare.

Everyone I talk to is always very nice and helpful. - Colonial Hills United Methodist School
Posting and Billing are so much easier with EZCare I can post payments in 1/2 the time as our last software system. I also love the Global Update Feature.
Carol Holmes, Rowlett Academy

Easy to use!

Easy to use! - Dianne Adair-Westwood
Where do I start with EZCare? I’ve never had a bad experience with the system, every time I’ve had a problem whether it was technical, or just a general question I’ve always been greeted with kindness and never made to feel my concern/question was silly. I’ve even gotten follow up calls from Mary to be sure that my service was a good experience. This an easy system to learn, there was a learning curve, but it wasn’t hard to learn. Thank you EZCare for always being friendly.
Debbie Trammel, Dianne Adair-Westwood

We are very happy with EZCare.

We are very happy with EZCare. - Fraser Public Schools
We are very happy with our experience with EZCare. The program and the support are very helpful. We use the Online registration and online bill paying. The parents are also grateful to have a program like this.
Sharon Starr, Fraser Public Schools

Customer support is great!

User-friendly software! Everything runs smoothly. - North Shore Early Childhood Center
I have been using EZCare since it was a downloadable software. I have loved the switch over to the web version and being able to log in from anywhere. The program is user friendly and saves tons of time on my billing and tuition process.
Kyley Herron, Tender Loving Kare Child Care & Learning Center

What I liked most about the software is the great customer service.

EZCare contained all of our must-haves. - Fulford Christian Preschool
They have a user friendly tutorial page, called the Community, that will allow you to view and download helpful instructions and videos for almost any topic you may need help with.
Nebra Brown, Director, The Bethlehem Academy

EZCare is EZ!

EZCare is EZ! - Countryside YMCA
EZCare has also made billing extremely simple! The majority of our families are on our EFT draft…our time of manually inputting cash payments and checks are down to 1%!
Melissa Gilmore, Countryside YMCA

The online version is great.

EZCare is EZ! - Countryside YMCA
The online version is great. I can access the program from anywhere. The tech support is very helpful and will help you step by step when you want to make reports or have a problem. The option to merge information into forms makes sending notices to parents quick and easy. The program is customized for what your center needs. I love the program and as time passes it only gets better.
Diana Hechavarria, Office Manager, Anna Bing Arnold Child Care Center

EZCare can be accessed from offsite locations.

EZCare is EZ! - Countryside YMCA
We like that EZCare can be accessed from offsite locations. This also makes it easier on directors when they do not have to be at their desk to access information.
Jenny Poling, Ralph J Stolle Countryside YMCA
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