White Paper: Best Practices For Parent Involvement In Schools

Research confirms that parent and family involvement in a child’s education can prove critical to that student’s academic success. This white paper details the best practices based on the Ohio State Board of Education’s Parent and Family Involvement Policy, the National PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships, and Joyce L. Epstein’s Framework of Six Types of (Parent) Involvement.

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eBook: How To Increase Parent Engagement

Build meaningful relationships with parents using tech tools designed to help you communicate and keep your child care center connected with them throughout the day. Learn the latest best practices in How to Increase Parent Engagement.

How to Increase Parent Engagement
How to Increase Parent Engagement ebook

eBook: The Simple Solution That Drastically Reduces Late Payments

Regular, timely payments are crucial to the success of childcare centers, preschools, and before and after school programs. That’s why many programs are choosing online billing and fee collection – it’s a proven way to get paid on time. What if you could reduce late payments by 33%?

Reduce late payments
The Simple Solution That Drastically Reduces Late Payments Ebook

eBook: Definitive Guide To Buying Childcare Software

There are so many childcare software solutions to choose from, finding the right one for your center can be a challenge. What are your must-haves, and who can give you your nice-to-haves? This comprehensive guide can help you find your perfect fit in a snap.

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Definitive Guide To Buying Childcare Software Ebook

Article: Is Your Center Using Technology To Attract And Retain Today’s Parent

Regardless of where your center is located, there will be competition. Today’s parents have many options for the care and education of their children. How can you set your program apart and maximize your appeal to the families in your community? We spoke to parents and child care providers and delved into data about parent preferences and behaviors. Here’s what we found.

Attract, retain and maintain enrollment
Article: Is Your Center Using Technology To Attract And Retain Today’s Parent Ebook

Case Study: Columbus Montessori School Cuts Time Spent On Tuition Billing By 90%

How much time are you spending collecting and processing childcare tuition payments? How about the time you spend entering payment data in your current system? Find out how Columbus Montessori reclaimed hours of manual data entry and mistakes in this free case study.

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Columbus Montessori School Cuts Time Spent On Tuition Billing By 90% - Story

eBook: Child Care Management Software: How Much Does It Cost?

This book explains some general pricing guidelines, and why there is no simple answer to this question. Each center’s specific needs are different, and understanding those needs and differences is an essential first step to knowing what you should be paying for your ideal childcare management solution.

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How Much Does Child Care Management Software Cost? Ebook

eBook: Make Billing Easy With Auto-Pay

Today’s parents demand a convenient, online or electronic payment experience. Learn how you can process payments automatically, reduce late payments, and make billing easier with an automatic payments program that gives you more control of your cash flow and bottom line.

Make billing easier
Make Billing Easy With Auto-Pay Ebook

eBook: How To Price Your Child Care Services

If you’re priced too low, parents may wonder what they aren’t getting for their money. If you’re priced too high, you may make your program unaffordable for families in your community. Whether you’re trying to determine the right price for your services or you’re considering modifying your current pricing structure, this guide is a must-read for child care professionals.

Price your childcare services correctly
How To Price Your Child Care Services Ebook

eBook: The Six Secrets To No-Hassle Fee Collection

Understand the tools available for electronic and pre-authorized fee collection, what it costs, and how funding takes place once an electronic or online payment is transmitted. Learn how to save hours of valuable time, provide more reliable cash flow, and virtually eliminate bounced checks.

Learn these tuition collection secrets
The Six Secrets to No Hassle Fee Collection Ebook

eBook: 3 Easy Steps To Get Started With Online Payments

It is easy to get started with payment processing, especially when you’re using a premiere childcare management solution like EZCare. With automatic and online payment tools that are standard with every system, EZCare makes it easy and convenient for parents to pay anytime, on any device.

Start accepting online payments
3 Easy Steps to Online Payments Ebooks