EZCare Pricing

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One time set-up fee

Includes 1 Hour of individual telephone training and company customization (Address, Hours of Operation, Logo, etc.)


Includes 1 concurrent user license

Center/School Management

  • Manage multiple locations
  • Establish rights/permissions by users and/or sites
  • Give users access only to the info they need
  • Track class size and ratios

Family/Child Management

  • Keep your client information organized
  • Keep family and child notes
  • Scan and upload important documents
  • System Reports and convenient dashboards
  • Track immunizations

Payment Portal

  • Online bill payment
  • View payment history
  • Print year-end statements for tax season


  • Dashboards for quick access to key reports
  • Manage key financial metrics that are critical to your business

Billing and Payment Processing

  • Offer the convenience of automatic payments, online payments, or payments in person
  • Multiple payment options including e-check (ACH bank transfer) or credit/debit card *
  • Set up fees and tuition rates to meet your specific preferences
  • All electronic payments are automatically updated in the family’s ledger
  • Ability to keep separate subsidies and split charges and payments


  • Email directly from family contacts
  • Track the metrics of all emails that have been sent
  • Post messages to the payment portal
  • Send email lists via Constant Contact or other email services
  • Send messages and images from your phone using the EZSmiles app (Requires a subscription to EZSmiles)


  • Manage children’s daily or weekly schedules
  • Assign children for classes and programs
  • Easily plan around vacations and holidays
  • Print sign-in sheets

Advanced Attendance Billing

  • Automatically calculate actual attendance based on days or hours
  • Calculate capacity and FTE reports
  • Generate attendance and bill based on Time Clock
  • Flexible billing options

Database Personalization

  • Personal program customization, add your own fields of data
  • Ability to modify the information as needed
  • Use screen designer to update the look and feel of your system

Attendance Tracker

  • Track attendance with precision
  • Calculate billing based on actual time-in and time-out

Custom Report Writer – Coming Soon

  • Create custom reports to meet your specific requirements
  • Create custom dashboards to better manage your program

Staffing Tools

  • Maintain employment records
  • Track working hours and schedules
  • Manage professional certifications
  • Ability to compare staff and children’s schedules’

Staff Time Clock **

  • Use to manage staff attendance
  • Clock time-in/out for payroll
  • Run Time Clock reports

Waitlist – Coming Soon

  • Track your prospective customers
  • Easily transfer prospects to clients once there is an openings
  • Give priority based on sibling, parent teacher, full time status

Add-On Features

(Can be added to any package)

  • Each additional feature – $25/month
  • Each additional concurrent user – $50/month
  • EZSmiles mobile app – $1/month per student
    1. For iOS and Android
    2. Share photos, messages and alerts
    3. Create a more personal connection with the parent community
    4. Enable parents to pay on-the-go
  • Online forms – see details
Special Offer!

Receive the 13th month free with annual payment.

Additional Information

* Transaction fees apply

** One TimeClock user is included. Each additional check-in point – $25/month

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EZCare enables staff to cope with change.

EZCare enables staff to cope with change.
We now spend less than an hour to do what used to take more than entire day to complete.