21st Century Parent Engagement for your 21st Century Program

Introducing Contactless Check-In with EZSmiles!

Parents enjoy safe, streamlined drop-off and pick-up using their own smartphones

One of the biggest challenges to overcome in our “new normal” is limiting the number of people entering your facility and using shared equipment like touchscreens, clipboards, and keypads during drop off and pick up.

  • With EZSmiles Contactless Check-In, you can make this process safe and contactless.
  • Simple, easy-to-use parent interface
  • Administrator views to sort and display who has checked in and checked out by name or by last time entered.
  • Works seamlessly with Classroom Attendance
  • Attendance is recorded in real time right in your EZCare system

Next-level communication and engagement parents crave with tools teachers and administrators LOVE

Why EZSmiles? That’s easy.

The data and activity you collect each day through the EZSmiles app, like payments and messages, updates in your EZCare system automatically in real time. Managing daily activity reporting and keeping parents in the loop has never been easier.

See why teachers, administrators and parents are raving about EZSmiles.

Reminders and alerts made easy

Say goodbye to the “take-home” folder; there’s a better way to communicate! Get the word out about school closures, birthdays, and upcoming field trips fast through EZSmiles’ messaging features.

  • Does your center have special hours during the holiday season? Send a school-wide message right to parents’ smartphones or tablets.
  • Class potluck celebration? EZSmiles allows you to select a class to make sure parents receive the messages they need.
  • A child’s immunization record is due? Send a custom message to just one family, too.

Daily activity tracking made easy

Pickup time is chaotic enough without the added task of hand-delivering daily activity logs to the parents of infants and toddlers. With EZSmiles, information on naps, snacks, diaper changes and more can be recorded throughout the day with the tap of a tablet and sent electronically to parents.

Track individual activities or post for an entire class to save time. Keep parents in the know and meet reporting requirements all at once with EZSmiles’ Daily Log message feature.

Payments made easy

Today’s parents have taken online bill pay and mobile purchasing to a whole new level. Why not give them the option to pay tuition and childcare fees the same way?

EZSmiles is a free download for parents and delivers push notifications right to their smartphones whenever you send tuition invoices. With a tap of the screen, on-the-go parents can pay tuition from anywhere with one-touch convenience.

Classroom attendance made easy

Teachers love EZSmiles’ one-touch attendance tracking features. A tap of the screen marks children in or out and records the time right in the Actual Tab of your EZCare system. You’ll know at a glance who is present or absent in real time, and when children are checked into their next class, they’re checked out of yours automatically!

Parent engagement made easy

Add a personal touch to parent communications with mobile picture and video messages. Help fight the FOMO (fear of missing out), and keep mom and dad feeling connected by providing a window into your daily activities. Parents receive messages through push notifications right to their smartphones and can tap to view and share them with friends and family on social media.

An added bonus – shared picture and video messages are a great way to spread the word about all the perks your organization offers. Let parents become part of your social media marketing strategy.

Communication and diversity made easy

Break down language and access barriers with a smartphone app that helps you communicate in Spanish and reach families who rely on smartphones for internet access.

With EZSmiles, there’s no need to dust off your high school Spanish 2 textbook. Parents who speak Spanish as their first language can choose between English and Spanish when setting up EZSmiles accounts so your messages don’t get lost in translation. We even have a how-to guide en espanol just for them.

Get your center started today.