Get Paid On Time, Every Time

– Without Lifting a Finger

Learn how Columbus Montessori cut billing time by 90% – and how you can, too!

“We now spend less than an hour to do what used to take more than a whole day!”

-Tiffany Harmon Columbus Montessori Education Center

With no setup or activation fees and no monthly service charges, you’ll only pay for the transactions you process.

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Here’s why childcare organizations and schools like yours love EZ Payment Services:

  • Electronic payments are automatically updated in your EZCare family ledgers – in real time.
  • Accept credit, debit and e-checks (ACH transfer), so parents can choose to pay with one click.
  • Process tuition payments in batches for an effortless AR routine.
  • Use EZCare’s Convenience Fees feature with EZ Payment Services to offset any transactions fees and improve your bottom line.
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