Customizable Online Forms Powered By WebLink

EZ-CARE2 Childcare Software


Online forms allows your center to securely and efficiently offer online forms for a variety of purposes. WebLink is an Internet-based application that provides highly customizable forms as links from your existing web site. The service can collect data and, if you desire, process payments. You can review the signups and then quickly and easily import them into your EZ-CARE system.


  • Unique flexible design allows for highly customizable forms
  • Integrates with your existing web site – just add links!
  • Secure payment processing: credit cards and bank accounts
  • Automatic data validation
  • Automatic e-mail confirmations
  • Multiple child enrollment
  • Online waiver form acceptance
  • Download into EZ-CARE, allowing you to manage all signups simply and efficiently

Web Forms For:

  • Prospect Inquiries
  • Online Registrations
  • Staff Applications
  • Event Sign-up
  • …and more!

WebLink Payment Processing

Secure hosted storage of credit card and bank account data — eliminating PCI compliance concerns associated with storing cardholder data within the center’s computers.

WebLink provides quick and easy online registration and payment for parents, and we no longer have to wait for the mail. It has really sped up the registration process.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How does it work?
Visitors to your web site simply click on the appropriate link to access the form that has been created. Forms can consist of one or more steps.

The registrant can be emailed an acknowledgement (which can include information from their signup). Form data can then be downloaded easily and maintained further within your EZ-CARE2 system.

All online payments are automatically processed and deposited in your designated bank account.

Can I change the online form?
Every online form is customized to capture exactly the information you want, with required or optional fields, and data validation. Initial setup and changes are performed by our staff. An administrative tool is provided that allows you to make standard changes once your form has been activated.

Do I need to have a web site already?
EZ-CARE’s online forms are is designed to link to, and work with, your existing web site. If you do not have a web site, we can recommend web site developers.

Can I use my existing credit card merchant account?
EZ-CARE2’s online forms require an online merchant account for organizations that wish to process credit cards. We have integrated and partnered with a leading credit card and ACH processor who can provide the necessary merchant account.

We protect the confidentiality of all your visitors’ data.
The service operates on a secure server and complies with Visa/MasterCard regulations for real-time credit card processing. In addition, the system complies with the Child Protection Act and meets all COPPA regulations.

How do I sign up?
Contact your Account Manager at 800-220-4111 for a demonstration of WebLink and answers to all your questions. Start collecting online registrations today – EZ-CARE2 makes it easy!

How much does this cost?

  • Set-up: $400 minimum (depends on complexity)
  • Annual Service: $360/year + $120 per additional form (no annual or per additional form fees for Click-to-Pay forms)
  • Transaction Cost: $1.00-$2.00 minimum (depends on complexity)
  • *Plus credit card processing fees
  • Also required for data import:
    • EZ-Import Utility: $295
    • Import Mapping Setup
      FREE (depends on complexity)
    • Maintenance Cost: $1.00-$2.00

More information: Call us at 800-220-4111.