Training Options

EZ-CARE2 Childcare Software

SofterWare has a team of professional trainers ready to help you get the most productive and beneficial use from your investment in EZ-CARE2. We offer a variety of training options designed to meet each client’s individual needs and budget.


Clients who prefer one-on-one training or who have special requirements, can arrange for a member of our staff to come to their site for comprehensive training or consulting.

  • Hands-on
  • Uses your system and data
  • Ideal for small group training

$695 per day plus travel time and expenses

Virtual On-Site

Using desktop-sharing technology, we can remotely observe your computer’s screen during training. We see what you see and talk you through each step, using your system and data. Great for assistance with a specific project like creating a needed report or customizing screens. Virtual on-site can also help new users quickly understand how to apply general techniques to their specific needs.

  • No travel expense
  • Uses your screens and data
  • Individualized approach
  • Conveniently scheduled

$80 per hour


Webinars offer convenient web-based training that combines the latest technologies with our professional training services. Webinars are virtual classrooms that bring together groups of people online to interact in a very cost-effective learning environment.

  • No travel cost or time
  • Focused topics
  • Convenient 1.5 hr sessions

Get unlimited access to our entire catalog of webinar topics with the Live Webinar Subscription. This is by far the most economical way to expand your proficiency — from the simplest to most complex functions. And, you have the entire year to move through our classes at your own pace.

Live Webinar Subscription (1 Year) – $295
or Per Session – $75

Start-up Package

Our start-up package is designed to provide new clients with a strong foundation right from the start. It combines our comprehensive catalog of Live & Recorded web-based classes with one-on-one training to provide both general product knowledge and to address your unique needs.

What’s Included:

The Live Webinar Subscription and Virtual On-Site Training (1.5 hours). $395

Technology covered by patent

More information: Call us at 800-220-4111.