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Touch Screen LCD Flat Panel 17”

Provides the ultimate parent/staff interface. This easy to operate solution supports all TimeClock features

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The same features work with a standard monitor with keyboard and mouse.

RFID (Key Fob) Reader

Familiar “swipe” convenience provides fast sign-in/out for organizations that do not need communication with parents and staff as they sign in.


Key Fobs

$75 for 50 Key Fobs

RDT (Remote Data Terminal) Kit

Cost-effective solution for wall mounting or desktop. This device connects to an existing administrative computer (a separate Time Clock computer is not necessary) and provides a more limited information display.


Includes 7’ RDT connector cable, power supply and adaptor (serial cable from RDT to computer not provided).

Worth Bar-Code Reader

These scanners are great for bar codes, plus it has a 12″ scanning range. This scanner also uses our easy to hold rugged and ergonomic handle. These scanners attach by USB, or Keyboard Y-Cable.


Door Release Controller Kit

For additional security, the Door Release option can be added to TimeClock to provide a cost-effective access control system. You can eliminate the need to “buzz” visitors in while giving parents peace of mind. This door release kit is used along with one of the hardware options above.


Includes door release controller and power adaptor.

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