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The EZ-CARE TimeClock is an attendance-tracking and communication system that integrates with other EZ-CARE center management components. This easy to use system records arrival and departure times, and enables interactive messaging for parents and staff. TimeClock can also control an electronic door release to provide secure access to your facility.


  • Accurate recording of child and staff arrival and departure times
  • Better communication with parents and staff via on-screen messages
  • Improved ability to monitor staffing levels and ratios
  • Greater revenues through automatic posting of late fees and extra hours
  • Eliminates need for manual time cards and data entry forms
  • Reduces administration time by eliminating manual procedures

Parent Interface Options

Parents and staff can access TimeClock with either a Touch Screen or Key Fob Reader. Your sales representative can help determine which option best meets your needs.


Touch Screen provides the ultimate parent/staff interface. This easy to operate solution supports all TimeClock features.* Visit Touch Dynamic for information about purchasing a TimeClock Touch Screen

* The same features work with standard monitor and mouse.

Key Fob Reader

Key Fob Reader

Familiar “swipe” convenience provides fast sign-in/out for organizations that do not need communication with parents and staff as they sign in.

More than just a timeclock…

TimeClock Attendance

..it provides a parent/staff communication center …

TimeClock Childcare Screen

..and even optional pickup security!

(See next page for complete options)

Door Access reader

Door Access Control

For additional security, the optional Door Release Module can be added to your TimeClock to provide a cost-effective access control system. SofterWare’s Door Release uses each parent and staff member’s individual access code, instead of sharing a single code among everyone. This provides an extra measure of security and tracking.


  • Control access to your facility without the need to maintain a separate, costly system.
  • Limit and monitor access to center, by individual, day or time
  • Improve parents’ peace of mind
  • Help ensure clock-in compliance
  • Eliminate the need for staff to manually “buzz” people in
  • Reduce insurance costs

Hardware Requirements
All TimeClock interface options require connection to a computer. TimeClock PCs may be networked to your existing EZ-CARE system or information can be exchanged via e-mail or removable disk (floppy, Zip disk, Flash drive, etc.).

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