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Special Creations Christian Early Childhood Development Center


Existing software that didn’t fully meet their needs and was poorly supported


EZ-CARE2, along with our data transfer service and SofterWare support plan

Key Results

  • Easier management of child and staff information
  • Countless hours saved in monthly billing
  • Ability to modify and personalize reports
  • Support and assistance that was even better than expected

Software investment that has more than paid for itself!


Colleen Bandy, Director

“Bargain software” is no bargain if it doesn’t make your tasks easier and if it’s poorly supported. Just ask Colleen Bandy, Director for Special Creations Christian Early Childhood Development Center in Elgin, IL – she experienced this firsthand. “From the time I started in January 2000, we were using a competitor of EZ-CARE2. The program we were using offered a string of empty promises, and we were spending too many man-hours trying to accomplish what we needed to do. We would have to wait for days to get technical help, and there were always excuses as to why something wouldn’t work. Usually, the situation ended up not getting resolved because they always said it was my problem. Time and again, I was told that the answer was coming, and it never came.”

Colleen started looking for a user-friendly, well-supported product and had several centers recommend EZ-CARE2. Although she liked what she saw she notes, “I struggled with the thought of switching systems. The cost of switching did seem to be high, not to mention the possible difficulties in switching the data from one software program to another. In fact, I began conversations with my SofterWare account manager in July of 2003 and didn’t actually switch until June 2004, because the task seemed so daunting.” In May 2004, we had finally had the last bad experience that we wanted to have with inadequate support.”


Fortunately, according to Colleen, her fears about the transition were unfounded, “Let me please take a few minutes to let you know how life has been since we switched…. Great! The transition was effortless. We made a backup copy of the old program and sent it to SofterWare. They translated the old files into their system and set it up to meet our needs. They walked through every step with us. SofterWare never left our side while we transferred – I felt like someone had put a safety net in place. Our problem becomes their problem and they fix it. When you team up with SofterWare, it’s like having a back room full of experts in your office at your finger tips.”

Improved Productivity

Of course the true measure of software is how effectively it helps you manage your center. When asked what features she likes and uses in EZ-CARE2, Colleen mentioned, “There isn’t really anything I don’t like about EZ-CARE2: The reports at my fingertips; statements that can be run in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours; managing children and staff files is easier; ledgers are a breeze. I love that I can personalize reports to our needs and aesthetic preferences.”

Colleen’s experience with getting support from her previous vendor gave her a strong appreciation of the importance of comprehensive support. As Colleen noted, “If you are going to purchase a program, you have to have the technical support program that comes with it. In my investigation of SofterWare, the excellent rating for customer care was the number one comment I received. Because of these comments, I had high expectations. The actual performance far exceeded those expectations. I received a lot of tender care before I bought the system, but once I joined their family, I felt like I had become royalty and that SofterWare had someone waiting in the wings just for me and my issues. When we do have a question or problem, every time, their tech support has taken ownership of the problem. I have seen them work extra hours and call whomever they needed to get a satisfactory answer. There is such a great camaraderie and feeling of TEAMWORK!!!!!!!”

The Bottom Line

So, looking back on her decision to switch, and her experiences working with EZ-CARE2, was it worth it? “We have earned back every bit of our money that we put into EZ-CARE2 and I highly recommend it. I have not regretted the switch or transition. Quite honestly, my fear of the cost of switching over – cost me more in the long run. Who can put a price tag on work done efficiently and correctly – all in a timely manner? I wish I had done it sooner.

“There are other programs out there, but I haven’t seen any company treat their customers with so much individual attention. You are not just another number on the income list; you are extremely valued and taken care of as if you were the only customer they had. Waiting is only costing you more time and money and exasperation! The cost to switch is minimal when put into perspective of the overall operational picture! Don’t take my word for it – see for yourself! And good luck in your decision-making process.”

We have earned back every bit of our money that we put into EZ-CARE2 and I highly recommend it.

– Colleen Bandy, Director,
Special Creations Christian Early Childhood Development Center

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