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Support Program Comparison

SofterWare offers the finest, most comprehensive support services available, with dedicated support professionals committed to your complete satisfaction. We offer support plans to fit the budget and level of service appropriate for your organization.

Premium Support – Our most comprehensive set of services with our highest level of priority response time, as well as extended hours of support availability.

Full Support – A lower-cost alternative for clients that still provides full access to our support professionals during normal business hours.

Maintenance Support – Enables clients, after their first year of purchase, to maintain their license agreement, receive software enhancements, and have access to our online support tools and some professional services.

Choose the Support Plan that fits your needs and budget.

Support Services

Maintenance Full Premium
User Meetings
User Forum
User Voice – Suggest and Vote
Clients Only Web Site
Client Advocate
Call-the-President Hotline
Product Updates
Product Updates & Enhancements
Pre-Release Enhancements not available

Live Customer Support

Maintenance Full Premium
Remote Access Support not available
Email Support not available
LiveChat not available
Phone Support not available
Toll Free Phone Support not available not available
Emergency Phone Number not available not available
24/7 Emergency Pager Notification (USA/Canada Clients Only) not available not available

Support Availability

Support Hours not available Mon – Fri
8 am6 pm ET.
Mon – Fri
8 am6 pm ET.
+ 24H Pager
Maximum Time to Call Back not available Same Day or
1 Business Day
2 Hours or fewer

Participating in SofterWare’s support plan is one of the best investments we make each year. Getting unlimited friendly and knowledgeable assistance, free automatic upgrades, as well as the other benefits, saves us time and money.

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More information: Call us at 800-220-4111.

Before we had we had a dedicated position to manage our scheduling day-in and day-out. Now that we have automatic scheduling, we’ve eliminated the need for that position entirely. So I guess you could say it saves us 2080 hours a year!

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