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Why is EZ-CARE the most widely used software for administering school-age programs?

Just ask our clients!

Implementing EZ-EFT EZ-CARE2(electronic fee collection) has literally saved us hundreds of hours of administrative burden, and dramatically improved our timeliness of collection. Best of all, we no longer have to spend our time chasing down parents who are late in payment. It’s the best operational improvement we have made since we first got a computer!

EZ-CARE2 has cut down on clerical time significantly. We have a summer and fall program, and with other software, we’d have to close the fall database to open the spring database. With EZ-CARE2’s flexibility, we can set up the database our way and use it for both summer and fall programs at the same time.

, Bloomington, Minnesota

Being a novice to computers, I was apprehensive about learning how to use EZ-CARE2. But once I got started, I found it very easy. The software is so intuitive; I was up and running right away!!

, MN

Time Savings & Billing

The scheduling & billing features in EZ-CARE2 produce great time-savings for us. We’re able to create a schedule for the whole year, and include changes that take effect throughout the year. This has led to a much simpler billing process.


The support department is absolutely phenomenal. They are able to clearly explain how to use a feature or resolve an issue so that anyone, with any level of product knowledge, can easily understand.EZ-CARE2

Client Favorites

Our school-age program clients have told us that the following EZ-CARE features are very useful and important to them:

  • Computerized time-clock for attendance tracking
  • Start and end dates for automatic adjustment of schedules
  • Powerful billing options
  • Electronic fee collection by credit card and/or bank draft
  • Flexible reporting
  • Multi-site management
  • Easily changed database
  • Online registration option


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