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Designed for use with QuickBooks® Pro & Premier, this module provides seamless integration between EZ-CARE2™ and the latest versions of QuickBooks. The interface offers organizations greater efficiency by eliminating double entry and allowing EZ-CARE2 users to take full advantage of the many features available in QuickBooks.


  • Transactions are summarized by General Ledger Codes and posted automatically to QuickBooks.
  • Saves time and reduces errors by eliminating double-data entry.
  • Creates journal entries and transfers transaction detail.
  • Use QuickBooks to manage expenses, financial statements and non-childcare revenue while benefiting from EZ-CARE2’s specialized features for managing family and child information.
  • Accesses powerful financial reports available in both EZ-CARE2 and QuickBooks.
QuickBooks Childcare Integration

Quickbooks for Childcare

EZ-CARE2 is the only childcare software certified by QuickBooks as a Gold Developer – the highest level of certification! EZ-CARE2 Product Rating:

Overall Score: 8.72 (Excellent)

Technical Support/overall quality: 8.95 (Excellent)

Customer Willing to Recommend: 9.67 (Spectacular)

(10.0 is Perfect)*

*Results are from survey of EZ-CARE2 clients, conducted by Decipher, Inc., on behalf of Intuit.

What does that mean?

  • EZ-CARE2 has been tested to meet Intuit’s standards for quality and integration.
  • Independently surveyed clients gave us an overall ranking of “Excellent”, and client willingness to recommend EZ-CARE2 is rated “Spectacular”!

Commonly Asked Questions

How does EZ-CARE2 complement QuickBooks?
QuickBooks provides an easy-to-use and powerful solution for managing expenses and producing financial statements. This functionality is dramatically enhanced by EZ-CARE2’s features, enrollment management, automatic tuition posting, credit card processing and billing. The Accounting Interface allows users to report on, and work with, detailed transaction activity in both EZ-CARE2 and QuickBooks with absolutely no re-entry of data.

Which QuickBooks versions integrate with EZ-CARE2?
We recommend using the most current versions of QuickBooks to provide optimal features and efficiency, but EZ-CARE2 can integrate with most QuickBooks® Pro and Premier versions.

How Does it Work?

In addition to family and child data, EZ-CARE2 manages tuition collection and payment processing. Your center’s revenue and payments can be posted directly to QuickBooks via the EZ2-Post Accounting Interface. This allows you to report on revenues and manage your checkbooks in QuickBooks with absolutely no re-entry of data.