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Kids Club – Centennial School District #12


Circle Pines, MN

Business Challenge

Staff spent too much time preparing invoices and processing payments. Plus, calculating late payments and collecting delinquent fees were a hassle.


EZ-CARE2 with online payments and virtual terminal for credit and debit card payments

Key Results

  • Reduced time spent on billing and payment processing by over 50%
  • 60% of families now pay electronically, with 20% of those families paying within 24 hours
  • Reduced collection hassles from delinquent payers
  • Improved image with parents, as well as their happiness/satisfaction

Kids Club - Centennial Community Services

Dawn Turnblad at Kids Club was spending more than a full day each month just to prepare the billing, then print and mail invoices.

Collecting and processing payments was also time consuming. Dawn elaborated, “We only accepted checks, so there was a lot of paper-handling, and each payment had to be manually applied to appropriate account. Another aspect of only accepting checks was parents who didn’t have money in their bank account would just not pay or pay late. We’d have to chase people for money, calculate late fees – it was a real pain.”


In 2009, Kids Club added electronic payments to their EZ-CARE2 system. They use email billing and online payments powered by Clink-To-Pay, which provides a convenient online payment link via emailed invoices. They also use EZ-CARE2’s virtual terminal, Insta-Charge, so staff could process credit and debit card payments in real-time, directly from within EZ-CARE2.

Key Results

“First, with EZ-CARE2, the whole billing process now only takes me an hour. I do a little prep work by running an aging report to see who still owes us money so I can apply late fees. EZ-CARE2 generates the invoices with the data already merged so they can be printed or mailed. Click-to-Pay and Insta-Charge have been fabulous since day one.”

Early Success

“When we first announced that we would offer it, parents acted like they weren’t interested and we thought maybe this isn’t going to work. However, in the first 15 days, 84 parents paid tuition using Click-to-Pay, totaling $25,320.58! We didn’t expect such quick results. Now, of the 600 families, we have 60% paying with Click-to-Pay, and usage continues to grow. Even better is how quickly we get paid. Typically, close to 20% of all Click-to-Pay payments are made within the first day they are sent! Over the last year, we’ve collected over $900,000 via credit cards.”

Reduced Collection Hassles

With more ways to pay, Kids Club has been able to reduce collection problems and bad debt. Dawn noted, “We have less collection hassles since people low on cash can just put it on their credit card. No more chasing people means I don’t have to put the bloodhounds out.”

Time & Money Savings

Besides eliminating bad debt, Kids Club has also been able to save money too. Dawn mentioned “I used to have to stay late and get paid comp time to get our billing done, and I needed another person to help me. Now, I do it myself in an hour. And with 60% paying electronically, our business office has fewer payments to process by hand. The money is collected faster and goes directly to the bank, and at the end of each day, I download the transactions in 3 seconds to update our EZ-CARE2 records automatically. There is no data entry, posting or calculations. When you add up the reduced time from the billing setup, collections, data entry, and less check processing, the time savings has been tremendous, which has saved us money.”

“Parents are absolutely loving It”

Last but not least, Kids Club has received a lot of congratulations from some very grateful parents. Parents have realized the convenience of paying by credit or debit card, and paying whenever they want – 24 hours a day/7 days a week. See Dawn’s email with actual parent comments:

With EZ-CARE2, the whole billing process now only takes me an hour. I do a little prep work… and I’m done.

Fundraising Software Review - Kids Club – Centennial School District #12


From: Dawn Turnblad

I’ve received so many emails saying thank you for entering the 21st century! Parents are absolutely loving it. Allow me to share with you some emailed comments received from parents as a result of
implementing Click-to-Pay:

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Life has been made much easier as a result of you adding this feature.”

“I LOVE the pay by credit card feature!”

“This is so AWESOME!”

“Yeah! I’m so glad you implemented this option.”

“That is the most awesome thing! Thank You!”

“This is so great! Thank you!”

“Thank you for finally allowing credit card payments!”

“OK, I know you don’t like responses because it overwhelms your email, but I just have to say THIS ROCKS! THANK YOU for this option!!!”

“First time I have paid early all year – LOL! Thanks for that option”

“I really like the new option of paying Kids Club bills by credit card online :)”

“Way cool, I will use that option for sure. THANKS!”

“This is awesome for people like me…who forget to drop the payments off :)”

“I love it when life runs smoothly!”

Dawn concluded “The Superintendent has personally congratulated us, as even he is hearing from ecstatic parents. We are so thrilled with the results.”

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