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Fulford Christian Preschool


North Miami Beach, FL

Business Challenge

Procare was too expensive, too complicated to use and didn’t fulfill all their needs.


EZ-CARE2 Childcare Software with TimeClock

Key Results

  • Currently saves two days per week on childcare administrative tasks
  • Saves thousands of dollars a year by not needing a business manager
  • Can easily track immunizations, billings, and more
  • One-on-one training and webinars made learning the product very easy

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Fulford Christian Preschool provides 120 children in Miami Beach Florida with an educational experience that stresses social skills and hands-on interaction between the children and the staff.

Business Challenge

Sam Jackson has been with Fulford for 2 years. When she arrived they were using Procare software to manage their preschool but Sam was not happy with it. “I wanted something to track and report on staff hours to make payroll easier for us. Plus, Procare was expensive and the software took a long time to learn and become comfortable with. We were about to bring on new staff members, and teaching everyone their complex software would have taken a long time.”

Sam needed a lower cost, easy-to-learn software solution without sacrificing functionality, so she made a list of must-haves, along with her likes and dislikes of Procare and compared it to other software solutions.


After a year of researching, Sam and Fulford decided on EZ-CARE2 Childcare Management Software with the TimeClock module as their solution. Sam notes, “Some solutions we looked at offered staff management, but couldn’t manage student attendance, while others had no way of recording immunizations. In the end, when EZ-CARE2 was compared to the list of others, it contained all of our ‘must-haves’ as well as the most likeable features. Also, our EZ-CARE2 account manager was great to work with, and answered any questions we had.”

Key Results

EZCare ChildCare Center

According to Sam, “We’ve easily saved thousands of dollars. If we didn’t have EZ-CARE2 we would have had to hire a business manager to organize and deal with all of this information. EZ-CARE2 saved us an entire salary. Everyone can help out with the system too because it’s so easy to use and it alerts you if something is entered incorrectly. That’s huge with the new school year coming up. We can track billing, manage immunizations, and it’s all so much faster than it was before with Procare. If I had to guess, I’d say we save at least two days a week on childcare administration. We used to manually put in all of the information and it was a nightmare.”

Getting started was made easy with EZ-CARE2’s training and support team. “They’re fantastic! I attended a webinar which was really great and the system setup taught me so much. The one-on-one training was awesome too. Procare never had anything like that to offer which is one reason why they were so tough to get used to. Also, the test center that comes with each new system was really helpful. I was able to experiment with the data with no fear of making mistakes or messing it up. Procare definitely didn’t have anything
like that.”

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