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EZ-CARE2 Payment Processing Suite


EZ-CARE2 offers a variety of fully integrated solutions for every type of eCheck and credit card processing, including one-time tuition payments, automatic collection of preauthorized recurring child care fees and online payments. You’ll save time, ensure faster payments, and parents will LOVE the convenience!

Make your job easier with:

  • Process one-time transactions online without the need for physical credit card terminals! (Insta-Charge™)
  • Preauthorized fee payments, automatically drafted when due! (EZ-EFT™)
  • Clickable links in emailed invoices that allow parents to pay fees online! (Click-to-Pay™)

Make your business more secure with:

  • SafeSave™ PCI Compliant Solutions Cardholder information is safe and secure with SafeSave!


Hear what client’s are saying about it!

“All I have to do now is review payments in the online review system and approve them for download into EZ-CARE2. What used to take me two full days every billing period was reduced to one hour – an over 80% reduction in work!”

– Quisha Ryan, Account Manager,
Madison School District

Now I can take and process payments when I call about an outstanding balance. In fact, the more I use EZ-CARE2 Insta-Charge and online payments, the more I love it! It is making my workload decrease daily so I can concentrate more on other things!

– Sandy Conaway, Administration,
Kid’s Zone

We now collect 95% of our tuition, which can run $100,000 each month automatically, on the day they are due. Most importantly, there is now no double entry.

Tiffany Harmon, Finance Manager,
Columbus Montessori Education Center

Overall, we probably saved 40 hours of data entry time during the two week registration period.

– Melissa Fredin, Program Manager,
Rochester School-Age Child Care

I wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the Click-To-Pay and Insta-Charge products we recently implemented here at Kids Club. Parents are absolutely loving it! We are so thrilled with the results, and the Superintendent has personally congratulated us, as even HE is hearing from ecstatic parents!

– Dawn Turnblad, Secretary
Kids Club Registration & Billing

All we need to do now is click a button and all the transactions are processed, and then go into our bank account. We don’t have to worry about the details of every bit of billing and receiving money. It’s huge!

– Andrea Maikowski, The B.A.S.C. Network

This has made my life a lot easier. Now when I’m doing the billing I can get it all done in ten minutes time, as opposed to 2 ½ day’s time. I am such I happy childcare centerer!

– Terry Hartman, Lancaster Recreation Commission

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