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One Call Now Phone Messaging Service: Fast, Dependable & Easy!

How fast can you notify parents of an emergency or other time-sensitive event? Eliminate the time consuming manual phone tree and reach every parent instantly with just one call! EZ-CARE2 has integrated the One Call Now™ phone message service to deliver automated phone calls within minutes, to any group, large or small. Whatever the message, One Call Now™ ensures that you reach everyone, every time, everywhere, right away.

It’s simple to use!

One Call Now

One Call Now

Only $3 per child per year

It’s easy to setup!

With EZ-CARE2 integration, you’ll never have to manually enter names and phone numbers into One Call Now™. We’ve created an easy to use export report that pre-formats the data for One Call Now™ to create subgroups, as well as complete lists.

Childcare Software Integration with One Call Now

Commonly Asked Questions

How does it work?
It’s simple! To create a message, call the One Call Now™ toll-free number, enter your group ID number and 4 digit PIN. You will then be prompted to record your message, or you can enter your message as text, which will be converted into a voice message. Once your message is complete, One Call Now™ makes the calls to the specific groups you have selected!

How fast is One Call Now’s™ message delivery?
One Call Now™ dials thousands of numbers per hour, so most messages are delivered virtually at the same time.

What about answering machines or voice mail?
Once your parent’s answering machine or voice mail greeting stops, One Call Now™ leaves a message, so it is recorded. You can even leave a different message for voice mail than for someone who answers!

How can I find out what parents were called and which ones were not reached?
You can get a status report on your current message by logging into the web site, or receive a quick summary by phone. A message report summary will also be sent via email after all messages have been delivered or when the calling window has ended, if not all messages were successfully delivered.

One Call Now

One Call Now™ is a great solution for notifying parents of weather-related closings and other emergencies. However, there are many other non-emergency uses, such as:

More information: Call us at 800-220-4111.