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Table of Contents:

Enhancements provided at no additional charge as part of your annual support program.

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Re-size Data Entry Screens

Re-size data entry screens and save that size as your own personalized screen size.

  • Enlarging a screen will increase the size of the information (fields and labels) within the screen
  • Enlarging a screen with a grid will increase the size of the grid to show more columns or more rows
  • Enlarge a screen by dragging any border of the screen (top, bottom, left, right, corner)
  • The size of a screen will be saved as a user preference allowing each user to maintain your own screen size (when EZ-CARE2 passwords are turned on)

Return to same screen when EZ-CARE2 opens

When a user exits EZ-CARE2 and a drawer is open and active, the same screen will automatically be opened the next time the same user starts EZ-CARE2. The user will be taken to the tab, page, and record that they were previously being viewing.

Multi Site Filtering

This brand new feature allows you to keep all of your sites’ data in one Cabinet. By doing so, you can setup specific users to have access to data based on the site or location of a particular family. All Sorts, Selections, and Reports only access the data according to the site(s) that are currently selected. A center owner may want access to all data while a site director may only be allowed access to his/her own site’s data.

Combined Scheduled Backup

When doing a scheduled backup through EZ-CARE2, there is now a checkbox available to Include TimeClock Data. This allows both the EZ-CARE2 and the TimeClock data to be backed up at the same time.

Organize Reports into Folders (with report details displayed)

Reports are now organized into folders. Create your own folders to organize your reports. You may also “drag and drop” reports from one folder into another. Some examples of how you may want to organize reports might be by: User, Frequency of use, Type of report, or purpose of report.

Action Required After Install: Reports are no longer separated by category and drawers, therefore, the first time you go into the reports area, all your reports will be listed in alphabetical order so you can easily organize them into folders. Please be prepared to spend a few minutes setting this up after installation.

Default the Report Preview to be Full Screen

The default size of every report preview screen is now displayed in the largest size possible and shows as much of the first page as possible.

Improved/Enhanced Email features

Emailing has been improved to allow EZ-CARE2 to integrate with Windows 7 Mail as well as other 3rd party email programs like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc…. It is now possible to email a PDF as an attachment giving improved viewing of HTML reports.

Email YTD Payment Report

You now have the ability to email the YTD Payment Report. This option was previously grayed out and not available.

Combine all Payment Processing Setups into a Single Screen

All the setup screens for the EZ-EFT, Insta-Charge, and Click-to-Pay features have been consolidated into a single “Payment Processing Setup” screen.

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Move EZ-EFT and SofterWare Gateway menu items

We moved the option to Retrieve EZ-EFT Reports to the A/R Menu. Included under the menu option for Retrieve EZ-EFT Reports are the options to retrieve transaction reports from the SafeSave Gateway and from CheckFree:

SafeSave Gateway
A list of EZ-EFT batches which were submitted to the SafeSave Gateway is provided. You may chose a posted batch of payments and retrieve a Transaction Report from the gateway. The Transaction report is displayed on the screen. The report can also be saved to an Excel spreadsheet, printed, or saved to a CSV file.

This option retrieves a report from CheckFree on the last batch posted

Import into SuperFields

The existing Import feature in Office Administration, Chapter 2 (Cabinets and Drawers) was improved to allow the import of Checklists, Contacts, and Notes data. An external comma-delimited file is supported as the data source for importing the Superfield data.

Audit Fields added to Superfields

New audit field functionality added to all Superfields. The new fields added are:

  • Created By
  • Created Date
  • Last Edited Date
  • Last Edited User

Import into Other Ledgers

The existing Import feature in Office Administration, Chapter 2 (Cabinets and Drawers) was improved to allow the import of Other Ledger data. An external comma-delimited file is supported as the data source for importing the Other Ledger information. This enhancement will make it possible for users to import the following information into Other Ledgers:

  • Other Ledger Master information such as address, phone number etc
  • Other Ledger transactions such as revenues, payments, and credits
  • Other Ledger SafeSave accounts having vault records

A/R Ledger Audit Report

Manually deleted transactions are now stored and tracked in the A/R Ledger Audit Trail Report.

Expand the Family & Other Ledger grids

Columns were added to show who last edited each transaction as well as the date & time that the edit occurred.

The existing Import feature in Office Administration, Chapter 2 (Cabinets and Drawers) was improved to allow the import of Actual Attendance data. An external comma-delimited file is supported as the data source for importing the Actual Attendance information.

Add Tracking Fields to Contracted Attendance Grid

Audit fields have been added to the Contracted Attendance Grid so it is easy to track and see the following fields of information:

  • Entry Program
  • Created By
  • Created Date and Time
  • Edited By
  • Edit Date and Time
  • Batch Number

Automatic Mapping of Data Files

When setting up an import into EZ-CARE2 the mapping process can be automated if the import file header contains the exact name of the receiving field. The mapping process will automatically find the field you want to map to instead of choosing each and every field you want to bring into EZ-CARE2.

Post Tuition Comments

When posting tuition, any comment that is entered as part of the rate will now be posted as the comment onto the A/R Ledger as part of the transaction.

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