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Access EZ-CARE2 Web remotely on our secure servers without having to install and manage your own remote access infrastructure. All you need is a high speed Internet connection and you connect office and off-site staff for centralized data management.

Affordable pay-as-you-go subscription

Minimize your upfront investment with our monthly subscription. Risk-free, no long-term contract, minimize your ongoing IT expenses.

Multi-site management from one location

Manage multiple centers using a single database. Your sites can access the same database simultaneously wherever they are located. Use the permission function to keep individual center data private.

Secure Data Storage

We have partnered with Rackspace, one of the largest server hosting facilities in the world. Rackspace brings a level of security unmatched by anyone in their field.

You always have the most recent version

Your system is automatically updated. No more hassles downloading and installing the latest version.

Premium Support Included

Toll-free customer support help is available 8:30 – 7:30 PM Eastern time along with 24×7 pager notification.

Automatic backups

Provides daily full disk backups of your data.

Superior Network Support

Rackspace has 24/7/365 network monitoring at its state-of-the-art network operations center, which provides real-time alarming, forecasting, traffic management, and event notifications.

Customize to fit your center

EZ-CARE2 Web’s flexibility makes it easy to modify screens, fields, and reports to your specific needs – no other program offers this level of customization. Combined with our cost effective, integrated and modular design, there’s no better value anywhere.