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Electronic Funds Transfer (EZ-EFT)

Take the hassle out of fee collection!

EZCare makes pre-authorized payments a snap! Our unique EZ-EFT module securely stores account information, creates and transmits transactions, and posts payments – automatically! Just enter the parent’s credit card or bank account information. A few mouse clicks each billing cycle and all your childcare tuition is auto-drafted to the designated credit card or ACH bank draft on the due date – no keying or payment posting required. Your time savings will be dramatic, and parents love the convenience!


  • More reliable cash flow
  • Less administrative time and cost
  • Minimize collection efforts
  • Process credit cards and ACH payments without keying data into a separate system
  • Enhanced convenience for parents

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Secure hosted storage of credit card and bank account data — eliminating PCI compliance concerns associated with storing cardholder data within the center’s computers.

Automatic Childcare & Preschool Tuition Collection

Payments to be collected can be reviewed prior to transfer for processing.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I have to allow both ACH and Credit Card Payment?
Although our software automatically handles either payment method, it‘s your decision what your center allows. Credit card transactions are somewhat more costly, but very popular with parents who may have flex cards, or who earn miles or other benefits. We believe it’s advantageous to offer both and can help you use incentives to encourage ACH to save money.

Can I use EZ-EFT with another bank or processor?
We‘ve established a relationship with Smart Payments & TransFirst to perform the processing for our clients, and the EZ-EFT module works exclusively with them. They are a leading providers of such services, and experts in the field. Many banks offer EFT and credit card processing but require separate software, data, transmission and processing. By standardizing on TransFirst’s services we can provide the easiest and most efficient way to process these recurring transactions.

Is this PCI Compliant?
All of EZCare’s tools for credit card processing including EZ-EFT, Insta-Charge, Click-to-Pay and WebLink already use PCI compliant methods for encrypting and securely transmitting credit card data, but we’ve designed and begun releasing a wide variety of improvements to make it easy for our clients to achieve PCI compliance by eliminating the need to store cardholder data within EZCare. Our new Transaction Processing Gateway can be used to securely store parents’ credit card (or bank account data) in a PCI certified hosting facility. A parent’s record will just contain a “SafeSave™ ID” that uniquely identifies stored account data so that future transactions can be processed (via Insta-Charge, Click-to-Pay and EZ-EFT) without the need to re-enter any data.

How much does it cost?
There are some small, one-time software costs and implementation fees, along with transaction processing fees. Your EZCare account manager (1-800-220-4111) will be happy to review pricing and answer your questions about EZ-EFT.

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Understanding Our Various Credit Card Processing Tools

EZ-EFT is just one method of processing credit cards offered with EZCare. Which method is best for you depends on the type of processing you prefer. Here’s a general summary of the tools we offer:

Tool Primary Use Other Considerations
EZ-EFT™ Preauthorized fee collection Also provides ACH (bank account) processing
WebLink™ Parent-initiated payments Also provides forms for data collection as well as e-commerce “shopping cart”
Click-to-Pay™ Online registration forms with payment options Payments made online via “smart link” in emailed invoices
Insta-Charge™ One-time payments – staff entered Eliminates need for credit card terminal and double entry of data

More information: Call us at 800-220-4111.