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Business Challenge

Use technology to improve our operations and financial success.


EZ-CARE2 Web with the Payment Processing Suite (PPS)

Key Results

  • Saved five hours a week of manual data entry with the PPS
  • Collected $63,000 in one week in recurring payments
  • Improved co-pay collection by 60% with online billing
  • Increased overall office efficiency and convenience with the Web system
  • Increased parent communication with One Call Now
  • Assisted by EZ Support staff so our non-tech-savvy staff used the system correctly

Credit Card Processing for Montessori Schools

Countryside YMCA’s childcare programs currently serve over 500 families. They promote good health to all of their participants and attempt to build connections through sports, fitness programs, and educational programs. Their vision is to be the leader in creating a community that builds better people.

Business Challenge

Jenny Poling has been with Countryside YMCA for 16 years. Throughout her time there, Countryside has always used EZ-CARE2. In fact, they’ve been using some version of EZ-CARE since 1991, and are one of our oldest active clients! Since Jenny joined Countryside in 1999, technology has changed the landscape of how all businesses operate. She recalls her early days with Countryside when payment processing was quite different from today, “We used to collect checks from all of the parents and then had to run to the bank to cash them. There was a lot of manual data entry and it was tough to keep up with who paid and who didn’t. We often missed out on late payments. We also have multiple sites, so before switching to EZ-CARE2 Hosted, administrators would call and ask questions, and we had to spend time at our center looking up the answers to report back to them.”


Jenny cites EZ-CARE2 as the biggest reason for their current efficiency. “The reason we’ve been able to adapt so well to changes in our work processes is because EZ-CARE2 has adapted first, and then given us the tools to do so. It is constantly growing and evolving with what’s important, and provides us with the resources we need to continue to change and serve our clients.”

There was a lot of manual data entry and it was tough to keep up with who paid and who didn’t. We often missed out on late payments.

– Jenny Poling,
Countryside YMCA

Key Results

One of the biggest adaptations Jenny noticed was payment processing. “Between Insta-Charge, EZ-EFT, and Click-to-Pay, (the tools that make the PPS), we probably save five hours a week of manual data entry,” she said. “We’ve also increased our number of sites, so I can’t imagine posting things manually without these tools. We collected $63,000 in EFT drafts this week, and that number is only growing. We encourage them to do EFT (electronic funds transfer where the money is automatically deducted from their bank each time). Parents love the convenience, and it makes collecting payments so much easier for us. Also, for those parents who aren’t signed up for EZ-EFT, Click-to-Pay (emails that provide links to pay bills online) has improved our co-pay collection by 60%, which has improved our collection of bad debt significantly!”

Countryside has also been a user of our Web services (formerly hosted) for the past three years. Our Web services enable them to access EZ-CARE2 from anywhere, anytime via the web. Jenny speaks about the change the upgrade has brought. “The biggest advantage I’ve found is the ability to work off-site,” Jenny said. “We have an employee who takes care of all our childcare accounting. She’s on vacation right now, but she can run the draft anywhere, so we don’t have to worry about training another employee to do it. And being able to connect all of our sites is incredibly convenient. The administrators don’t need to ask us anymore to pull information for them; they can log in to the system from wherever they are and see for themselves. At first I wasn’t sure if it would be worth paying for this service, but now that I see that the flow
of the office is so much smoother, I realize it was so worth it.”

Finally, Jenny mentioned the support staff that so many clients comment on. “The EZ Support staff is phenomenal, and has been from the beginning,” she said. “Some of our staff aren’t tech savvy, and for the Support Team to walk them through a problem step-by-step is great. They answer quickly and always have solutions for us. It makes our job much easier. EZ-CARE2 continues to evolve over the years and address our needs. For example, we recently added the integration EZ-CARE2 has with One Call Now (broadcast telephone and text communication). It’s great for parent communication. It’s so tough to keep parents informed, but One Call Now has definitely raised our level of communication with them.”

“It’s for all these reasons that we’ve stayed with EZ-CARE2 for almost 25 years!”