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Click-To-Pay FAQs

Pay Online With Click-to-pay

Simply click the “smart link” in your emailed invoice and fill in your information (shown above).

Commonly Asked Questions

How does it work?
We email you an electronic invoice, which includes a “smart link” that not only takes you to our online payment form, but also pre-populates the form with your name, address, and amount due. Just confirm the information is correct, enter your payment information, and you’re done! The payment form provides secure, real-time validation and authorization of the account information. If you wish, you can print a copy of the payment confirmation for your records.

When will the charge appear on my account statement?
Usually within 24 hours.

What if the name and address on the bank account is different from what is shown when I click “Pay Online”?
You have the ability to change that information on the secure form at anytime.

Is my personal data and bank account number protected?
Absolutely! The payment form is hosted on a secure server and your bank account information is not even stored.

What if I disagree with the balance due?
Although you can adjust the pre-populated balance due, please contact us if you have any questions about the charges shown on the invoice.

What should I do if I am not receiving the emailed invoices?
First, start by looking at your SPAM folder. If our email is there, please add us to your address book, which should allow our emails to pass through your SPAM filter. If our email is not in your SPAM folder, please check with us to make sure we have your correct email address.

What should I do if the Invoice formatting is wrong or hard to read?
This probably means that you are not accepting HTML-formatted emails. You can either provide us with an email address that does read HTML-formatted emails, or you can change the settings in your current email system to accept this formatting.

More information: Call us at 800-220-4111.