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Childcare CRM Factsheet

Child Care CRM™ is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) solution to help EZ-CARE2 child care organizations of all types and sizes improve their marketing effectiveness and convert more inquiries into enrollments.

It helps you:

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  • Manage parent inquiries from initial contact through child enrollment
  • See at a glance where all your leads are in the sales cycle
  • Understand where your business is coming from
  • Manage your marketing childcare centeraigns and monitor your results
  • Know why you are winning or losing customers and to which competitors
  • Proactively reduce and recapture lost revenue opportunities

Once a child is enrolled, EZ-CARE2’s integration with Child Care CRM gives you the ability to export parent and child information into EZ-CARE2, saving you the time of having to re-enter this information and reducing errors. This direct integration begins a seamless transition where a parent and child move from a lead in Child Care CRM to a client in EZ-CARE2 in one smooth process.

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Benefits at a Glance:

  • Increasing marketing effectiveness
  • Enhancing communication with parents
  • Saving time and staying organized
  • Keeping on top of your leads
  • Improving inquiry to enrollment conversion success
  • Eliminate data entry time and errors

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Child Care CRM cost varies based on a number of factors. To receive an accurate price quote, please contact them at 1-866-306-1985. There is no additional cost to integrate EZ-CARE2 with Child Care CRM if both products are owned.

Who do I call for support & training?

Child Care CRM is easy-to-use and quick to implement. Full training and support are provided by Child Care CRM specialists, which make it a breeze to setup and begin using the system. EZ-CARE2 is available for support and training in regards to their integration if you are part of our standard support plan.

What are benefits of using EZ-CARE2’s integration with Childcare CRM?

EZ-CARE2’s integration with Child Care CRM is extensive, with the two systems working together in a way that no other childcare management software can match. By using the best business practices that Child Care CRM promotes, you could easily add tens of thousands of dollars in revenue each year to a single center or school, and save significant data entry time. Clients have increased enrollment trends up to 25% and reduced tour no-shows by up to 40%.

How do I sign up for Childcare CRM and EZ-CARE2 integration?

Contact your SofterWare regional account manager at 1-800-220-4111 to answer your questions about the Child Care Food Program. For more information, please visit: www.ezcaresoftware.com

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Since we started using CRM, we have increased our Inquiry to Enrolled conversion rates from 17% to 21%, resulting in 38 more new families in 4 months than we would have otherwise enrolled. That amounts to nearly $400,000 in additional revenues to us over the course of a year. The only way CRM doesn’t work is if you aren’t using Child Care CRM!

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