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Child Care Food Program

Child Care Food Program (CCFP)

For centers that participate in the government-subsidized Child Care Food Program (CCFP), the Advanced Attendace & Billing module automatically tracks eligibility and meals served. It includes both detailed and summary reports that you can provide to the government.


  • Save hours of manual calculation
  • Easily create reports for government subsidies
  • Increase accuracy when using recorded attendance from the Time Clock module
  • Generate additional revenue by participating in the CCFP


  • Meal counts based on attendance
  • Detailed and summary reports
  • Conveniently print or export to Excel spreadsheet format
childcare food program

Commonly Asked Questions

How does the system work?

In your EZ-CARE2 system, simply select the child’s eligibility level (Free, Reduced, or Paid). The attendance information is based on location (if your center has multiple locations), class and meal times. You will receive detailed information for each student, as well as a complete summary for the entire school or location.

Do I have to enter child attendance?

No! The system does the work for you! There are actually two ways that the CCFP program can work. If you use the TimeClock module to track attendance, the system transfers the attendance information to the CCFP module automatically, based on the time of attendance.

If your center does not use the TimeClock, the system uses the children’s actual or contracted times to

calculate meals served. In states where you must track that the child was both present and obtained food, simply print the report so that staff can note exceptions, which can then be easily adjusted on the child’s attendance record.

Will it print information onto my state forms?

Each state has different reporting formats and most are not designed to accommodate computerized production. Most states are happy to accept our computer generated attendance records in lieu of their normal forms. For those states where this is not acceptable, it is still much easier to fill out forms using the information from the system’s reports.

How much does it cost?

CCFP is part of the Advanced Attendance & Billing module which sells for $395.

childcare food program

Sample page from report: Detailed Report for One Class

Contact your SofterWare regional account manager at 1-800-220-4111 to answer your questions about the Child Care Food Program. For more information, please visit: www.ezcaresoftware.com