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Would you like to:

  • Reduce paperwork and record keeping time?
  • Get paid faster and minimize collection problems?
  • Sustain a more reliable cash flow?
  • Enhance convenience for parents?

EZ-CARE2 child care management software can provide you and your staff the tools to manage your centre better, faster and easier than ever before!

Our complete child care management software solution offers:

  • Screens and fields for Canadian centre’s that are customized for your unique needs
  • Preauthorized debit & credit card tuition collection technologies that minimize the work and maximize your funds
  • Automated recordkeeping that eliminates paperwork & time-consuming tasks
  • Improves efficiency with integration to Microsoft Word/Excel, QuickBooks and more!
  • Tracks attendance/schedules, health & immunization data, and so much more!

Why now is a great time to buy EZ-CARE2:

  • No US taxes
  • Electronic delivery of software, including updates
  • Professional support is just a phone call away!