Information about EZ-CARE

  • EZ-CARE2 Overview – Video

    This brief video highlights some key product features and functionality. It will provide you a high level overview of EZ-CARE2’s capabilities.

    Watch the Overview

  • EZ-CARE2 Brochure – PDF

    This 4 page brochure provides greater detail about the features and attributes of EZ-CARE2. You’ll see vivid screen shots and helpful descriptions of both the benefits and features of all our modules. This is a great piece to print and share with others.

    Read the Brochure

  • EZ-CARE2 Working Evaluation – Demo

    This is a real version of EZ-CARE2 you can use to evaluate the software for yourself. Enter data, run reports, create or move fields and see for yourself the power of EZ-CARE2 before you buy!

    Note: You must contact your account manager to activate your trial.

    Download the Trial (Setup.exe, 47MB)

Next Steps:

After you have reviewed the video and brochure, please call your account manager at (800) 220-4111 to arrange a personal demonstration via the Web. It takes less than 30 minutes, and they can show you how EZ-CARE2 will meet YOUR unique needs.

Your account manager will send you a password to access your FREE trial of EZ-CARE2, so you can use the software and see all the benefits yourself.