EZCare’s Introductory Webinar Series

Are you new to EZCare? Have you brought on new staff that needs to get up to speed fast?

The EZCare Path to Success is a free introductory webinar series that you can access anytime, designed to help you learn and understand the basics of your EZCare system. This six-webinar series covers everything from adding new family and child records to engaging parents with the Parent Portal and EZSmiles app.

We know you’re busy, so register for these webinars at your own pace, at times that are convenient for you and your team. Best of all, they’re free, which means new members of your team can take advantage of them!

Start on your path to success with EZCare by registering for the webinars in this free series!

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Step 1 – Getting Started with EZCare

Start things off right with the tools you need to make EZCare work for you. This introductory webinar will teach new EZCare users how to add new families and children, then walk through the steps to generate your first tuition posting! We’ll also cover:

  • What’s on the Childcare Records screens and why
  • The Family Ledger tab and what information appears in the grid
  • Using the Rate Manager to set up your tuition rates, fees, and credits
  • How to use the Tuition and Schedule tabs so you can start billing for your services
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Step 2 – Attendance Tracker – Parent Sign-in/out for EZCare Webinar

Using TimeClock, EZCare’s integrated attendance-tracking and communication system, you can replace your old parent sign-in sheets with a tool that tracks actual attendance and enters that information directly into EZCare. Coordinate your billing with actual child attendance to ensure it is always accurate. Learn how to set up TimeClock for your individual needs, and start streamlining your attendance-tracking process today!

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Step 3 – EZCare Tuition Webinar

Posting tuition and managing your accounts receivable in EZCare is a breeze. This webinar will walk you through posting tuition, setting up complex rates, late fees, establishing categories, and more.

Learn to apply charges or payments to a group of accounts to save time, or send custom invoice emails using EZCare’s merge and template features. Learn how to set up recurring tuition, complex rates, accounting categories, and more.

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Step 4 – EZCare Payment Processing

If you and your staff spend hours each week entering traditional paper payments like cash, checks, and money orders, this is the webinar for you. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to post, schedule, and process EFT transactions. You’ll also be able to step parents through entering payment information and saving payment methods in the Parent Portal and EZSmiles.

We’ll show you how to issue refunds effortlessly, and how to make sure your EZCare ledgers reconcile with your SafeSave Payment Gateway.

Speed up your payment processing and save hours of time and energy with EZCare’s payment processing feature.

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Step 5 – EZCare Parent Engagement Tools Webinar

EZCare’s Parent Portal has quickly become the most popular, useful feature for center staff and parents alike. This webinar is designed to guide you through the uses of the Parent Portal, as well as an introduction to our state-of-the-art parent engagement mobile app, EZSmiles.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll be equipped to guide parents through the process of registering and logging in to the Parent Portal for the first time, as well as reviewing their accounts, entering payment information, and making online payments. You’ll also learn how to control what parents can view and edit in the Parent Portal using the EZCare User Manager and how to use EZCare’s reports to track logins and changes made.

Parents can also easily make payments using the EZSmiles parent engagement app. Learn how you can send push notifications with payment reminders and deliver Smiles messages to parents containing snapshots and videos of special activities. To keep parents in the loop, send Daily Log messages about behavior, naps, meals, and more!

You’ll start making meaningful connections right away with EZSmiles.

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Step 6 – EZCare Reports

Did you know you can customize and create your own reports in EZCare using the EZViewer? Learn how to generate the information you need in the reports you want in the EZCare Reporting webinar.

EZCare also provides a wealth of preset system reports to help you manage the important data in your EZCare system. With just a few clicks, you can create reports displaying family, child or staff information, attendance, and accounts receivable data. Let us show you how these reports can keep your childcare business on track!