Implementation Services

Our Onboarding and Implementation Team makes customizing and delivering your new EZCare system easy by:

  • Configuring your system for multiple sites, regions, groups, and classes
  • Customizing your screens to display the information you need and reflect the way you work
  • Creating custom fields to track the information that’s important to your program
  • Transferring your existing family, financial, and other program data to your new system
  • Setting up and connecting your EZ Payment Services Gateway so you can collect online, automatic, mobile, and in-person payments
implementation services

Your new EZCare system is accompanied by the expert support and guidance of our dedicated Onboarding and Implementation Team.

As soon as you join our EZCare family, you’ll be connected with a dedicated Onboarding Squad. Their mission is to ensure that your system is customized in a way that complements how you collect, process, store, and share your data and that you are trained and set up for success from the first day you log in.