EZCare2 Training Tracks

Learn the fundamentals of EZ-CARE2 right from the start! The Starter Track is designed to introduce you to the key principles of EZ-CARE2.

Setting Up Your Center

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Proposed Topics:
  • Center Drawer
  • Classes
  • Immunizations
  • Hours of Operation
  • Backing Up, Help & Support

Learn which reports will provide you with the information you need.

Proposed Topics:
  • System Reports
  • Sorting and Selecting Records
  • EZ-Viewer
Navigating through the Family Drawer

Learn the basics of entering data into your EZ-CARE2 program.

Proposed Topics:
  • Entering Child and Family Data
  • Entering Children’s Schedules
  • Notes, Checklist, Contacts, Immunizations, Communication superfields
  • Customizing Picklist Fields
Accounts Receivable

Post revenue and generate invoices quickly and efficiently with EZ-CARE2.

Proposed Topics:
  • Family Ledger
  • A/R Categories
  • Fixed Rates
  • Populating the Child Tuition Tab
  • Templates
  • Posting Tuition
  • Group Posting
  • Generating Invoices
  • Cash Receipts

Ready to learn more than the key principles of EZ-CARE2? Then the Core Track is for you.

The Core Track includes everything in the Starter Track, plus:

Setting Up Your Multi-Site Organization

Track information for multiple locations within EZ-CARE2. Use passwords to keep your data secure and assign access to specific areas of EZ-CARE2.

Proposed Topics:
  • Site Setup
  • Site Filtering
  • Passwords and Security
Advanced Attendance and Billing

Bill families based on attendance using the Schedule, Contracted and Actual tabs.

Proposed Topics:
  • Simple Rates Based on Attendance
  • Generating Attendance
  • Editing Attendance
  • Enrollment Limits and Validation Rules
Custom Report Writer

Create new reports from scratch with the Custom Report Writer. Create personalized documents that can be printed or emailed directly to staff or families. Learn how to export information from your EZ-CARE2 program.

Proposed Topics:
  • Creating New Reports
  • Insta-Merge & Select-A-Merge
  • Exporting Data
File Cabinet Wizard

Improve the look of your screens and the efficiency of your data entry when you customize your screens using the File Cabinet Wizard.

Proposed Topics:
  • Field Types
  • Creating New Fields
  • Field Placement
  • Tab Order

Do you want to be an EZ-CARE2 Pro? This track is designed to provide in-depth training of EZ-CARE2.

The Pro Training Track includes everything in the Starter and Core Training Tracks, plus:

Staff Records

Maintain staff records including attendance and staff development.

Proposed Topics:
  • Basic Staff Data
  • Tracking Staff Development
  • Staff Attendance
  • Staff Reports

Learn how to accurately track attendance for children and staff and use that information for billing and payroll.

Proposed Topics:
  • Synchronizing EZ-CARE2 and TimeClock
  • TimeClock Setup
  • Maintaining PINS
  • Creating Group PINS
  • Clocking In and Out
  • Editing Attendance Entries
  • TimeClock Reports
  • Messages and RSVP’s
Waiting List

Easily manage your waiting list with the Waiting List drawer.

Proposed Topics:
  • Navigating the Waiting List drawer
  • Linking the Waiting List drawer to the Family drawer
  • Creating Waiting List reports
Advanced Report Designer

Use the powerful Report Designer to give your reports pizazz!

Proposed Topics:
  • Multiple font and color options
  • Gridlines
  • Graphics

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