The EZCare Client Relations Team

A Partner in You Success

From the moment you purchase EZCare, we pair you with your very own client relations specialist who serves as your constant guide as you grow your program. Your client relations specialist will get to know you and your business so they can help you choose your next best steps in expanding and improving your use of EZCare.

Consider your Client Relations Specialist a partner in your success.

Reach out to us directly with questions, updates, and suggestions at any time. And because it’s easy to forget to call in the shuffle of your busy schedule, we’ll check in with you periodically.

Your Client Relations Specialist serves as a personal compass to give you direction by:
  • Recommending best practices, time-saving features, and handy tools to ensure you’re getting the most out of your EZCare system.
  • Speaking with you any time you like. Call their direct line or email or schedule a time to chat.
  • Engaging you in our development process to enhance our products using your voice.

You’re invited to shape the future of EZCare!

The Client Relations Team is leading the charge ensuring that your voice is reflected in everything we do. At the same time, we understand your business is your number one priority.

That’s why we offer several ways to participate, including:

EZCare Online Survey Icon

Quick online surveys

Make your voice heard in minutes by completing periodic surveys designed to keep your goals in mind as we expand the functionality of your EZCare system.

EZCare Online Focus Group Icon

Online focus groups

Meet with the EZCare Development Team to let them know how you use our software, what you love, what could improve, and what we should focus on in the future.

EZcare Beta Testing Icon

Beta testing

Influence our products and features before they hit the market. As a beta tester, you’ll be the first to try our latest innovations and directly impact how they evolve.

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