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Your Invoice Essentials

Template: The Anatomy of a Good Invoice

Childcare invoices aren’t just a reminder for tuition payments – they keep both you and parents on track. Invoicing at more frequent intervals helps you to keep up with any outstanding balances and makes the large expense of child care and preschool more manageable for parents.

See the image below to learn what information to include in your childcare invoice and why. Then, feel free to download a blank copy that you can customize and use for your tuition billing.

Pro tip: If you use a child care management system like EZCare, invoices like this are available for you to personalize and email to all families with balances at once.

Customizable EZCare Daycare or Chidcare Invoice Template

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  1. Federal (Tax) ID: Include your federal or tax ID; parents may need this to file for tax credits or subsidy payments.
  2. Logo: Including your center’s logo on your childcare invoice establishes trust that the invoice is legitimate and gives your business some professional polish.
  3. Previous Balance: This is a good opportunity to remind folks that they still have a remaining balance.
  4. Category & Description: Itemize the services provided (class, dates on site, etc.) and include a clear description of each so there is no confusion about the charges listed.
  5. Credit: Maybe you owe a parent a refund, or perhaps you’ve applied a discount (employee, sibling, referral, tuition discount, etc.).
  6. Payments: Include what’s been paid since the last invoice to give families one less thing to track. Include a link (or QR code) so families can easily pay online.
  7. Late Fee Policy: On each childcare invoice, include your late fee policy and provide a due date.

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