Billing & Payments

Navigating Childcare Business Success


Billing Best Practices

Let’s look at fees your childcare business needs, and some others you may want to consider for your organization.

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Childcare Pricing Guide

Be sure that you’re charging tuition at rates that are not only fair to families, but also fairly compensate your staff – and you!


Your Billing Routine

Make it easy for everyone by accepting electronic payments both online and in-person and by invoicing at set, regular intervals.

How To

Get Started with Autopay

What if late fees were so far in your rearview mirror, you couldn’t remember the last time you had to charge one?

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How To

Handle Splitting the Bill

How will splitting the bill work at your childcare center or preschool?

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How To

Reinforce Payment Deadlines

Put away your brass knuckles, there’s a better way to collect outstanding tuition.

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Your Invoice Essentials

Complete this template with your center’s information, then print it or copy the contents into an email for actual use.

Breaking News

You CAN Afford Electronic Payments

Accepting electronic payments is good for business. Here’s how to make it affordable for your program.

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Childcare Management Software

Make enrollment, billing, scheduling, and parent engagement easy.

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