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It’s All Included with EZCare!

From built-in automatic tuition billing capabilities to our full suite of integrated payment processing tools, EZCare makes childcare billing, invoicing and tuition collection a breeze. Save time by automating the administrative tasks that steal hours away from your day.

EZCare Offers the Fastest Ways to Get Paid

By working with a payment processing vendor that understands the childcare industry, you’ll get a solution that’s tailored to your needs and parents’ needs. EZ Payment Services offers you the ability to give parents options to pay online, and each of these options is integrated into EZCare Childcare Management Software.

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EZ Payment Services is designed to:

  • Give parents options.

    Every family is different, and what’s simple to some parents may not be for others. With EZ Payment Services, your child care program can offer parents many convenient ways to pay: online, automatically, over the phone, in person, and via mobile.

  • Save you time so you can focus on the success of your center.

    EZCare instantly updates family records to reflect every payment that’s processed through EZ Payment Services. Payments are automatically receipted via email. This seamless integration will save you countless hours of administrative work and avoid the risk of human error.

Included with EZ Payment Services:

  • Automatic payments

    The simplest and most seamless of all payment options, EZ Payment Services’ auto pay tool securely stores parents’ payment info and automatically drafts payments when they’re due.

  • Online payments

    Parents can pay you directly through the Parent Portal or online via EZCare’s online payment forms.

  • Mobile payments

    Pay child care tuition right from the palm of your hand with EZSmiles, EZCare’s secure mobile app.

  • One-time face-to-face or phone payments

    Process payments for parents who prefer to pay as they go via phone or in person.

The Many Benefits of Childcare Billing With EZCare

With EZCare, you can automatically:

  • Post recurring child care fees based on schedules, attendance, or both.
  • Bill for any schedule, even with the most complex rate billing structures.
  • Post late fees.

It’s convenient for you and parents!

  • Send linked childcare invoices via email and EZSmiles.
  • Parents can log in to a secure payment portal and make a payment online or through the mobile app.

Easily store, sort, access, and act upon information.

  • Maintain a complete history of family charges, deposits and payments in the ledger.
  • View and arrange all account information from one user-friendly screen.
  • Easily enter payments, print receipts, and view recent charges.
  • Identify and collect overdue receivables more effectively.

Easily export and share information.

  • Produce childcare invoices, receipts, bank deposit slips, year-end parent tax statements, and more.
  • Maintain a complete transaction audit trail.

Track security deposits and third-party payers.

  • Keep a separate ledger to store information and transactions for payers other than parents, such as subsidizers, scholarships, or other family members making payments.
  • Send a single invoice to third-party payers listing all relevant transactions.

EZ Payment Services provides instant PCI compliance for childcare centers.

With data security solutions including tokenization and encryption, EZ Payment Services makes it easy for you to maintain PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliance.

EZ Payment Services Offers:

  • Secure hosted storage of credit card and bank account data at a Level 1 PCI-certified service provider. It eliminates PCI compliance concerns associated with storing cardholder data within the childcare center’s computers.
  • All data and processing are encrypted and transmitted via a secure Internet connection. No need for credit card terminals, modems and dedicated phone lines.
  • In addition to real-time validation and authorization of all credit card & debit cards, our gateway also facilitates low-cost direct debit (ACH).
  • Powerful unified reporting of all electronic payments simplifies reconciliation and research.
  • Automatic email notifications of settlements and returns.
EZ Payment Services is PCI Compliant

We now spend less than an hour to do what used to take more than entire day to complete.

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