EZ-CARE References from Happy Users

Since 1982, many thousands of childcare providers have chosen EZ-CARE to take full advantage of computer technology. Your account manager can provide additional EZ-CARE references in your area.

Who Uses EZ-CARE?

  • School Districts & School-Age Programs
  • Daycare Centers
  • Preschools & Montessori Schools
  • Faith-based Schools & Programs
  • Hospital-based Centers
  • Campus-based Centers
  • Government/Military-based Centers
  • Employer-based Centers
  • Canadian Childcare Providers
  • YMCA/YWCA Programs
  • Adult/Elder Care Centers

Hear childcare success stories from our clients.

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“I’ve been so pleased with EZ-CARE2 since I purchased it for our centre. It’s the best program that I have come across and so easy to use. Having the program customized to fit our exact needs is not something that I’ve been able to come by in Canada without having to spend a great deal more money. Being a non-profit centre, cost effectiveness is essential – EZ-CARE2 definitely fit into that! The staff at SofterWare is amazing, from initial contact and demonstration through the purchase, setup, training and technical support. I encourage any centre to check into EZ-CARE2 – it’s made my life so much easier!”

Brad West
Glengarry Child Care Society, Canada

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“I absolutely love my EZ-CARE and think all your support people are wonderful! It is doing everything I need it to. My job would be completely unmanageable without it.”

Pam Roberts
Walnut Hill ECC, Indiana

Reference from Little Tikes Academy Logo

“I am really delighted with how easily I can post tuition and run reports with EZ-CARE2. I also love how simple it is to access information by parent or child and move between enrollment data and ledgers. Learning the program has been very intuitive.”

Mike Horan
Little Tikes Academy, Georgia

Reference from Children's Enrichment Center Logo

“We have been with the program almost from the beginning and it has gotten better each year. I appreciate the willingness to continually add functionality that will make our lives easier and quicker.”

Tom Webster
Children’s Enrichment Center, Michigan

Reference from Salem YMCA Logo

“It’s comprehensive. There’s nothing we need that it can’t track.”

Joni Bartlett
Salem YMCA

References From Redding Rancheria Head Start Logo

“EZ-CARE2 gives us everything we need for Head Start PIR, plus allows us the billing capabilities for child care. And we can just use one database!”

Diane Coe
Redding Rancheria Head Start, CA

Reference from Ashland Child Development Logo

“We purchased the EZ-CARE program when I came to work for this company 13 years ago. I have always found it to be user friendly. I would recommend it to anyone”

Nina Sisler
Ashland Child Development, KY

Reference from South Lake Schools Logo

“I believe that our parents feel more confident that the bills are being done correctly. I like the ease with which I could teach and support our staff (all with different computer skills).”

Cathy Phillips
South Lake Schools, MI

Reference from  White Bear Lake Logo

“Being a novice to computers, I was apprehensive about learning how to use EZ-CARE2. But once I got started, I found it very easy. The software is so intuitive; I was up and running right away!!”

Mary Woodrich
White Bear Lake, MN

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“Being a novice to computers, I was apprehensive about learning how to use EZ-CARE2. But once I got started, I found it very easy. The software is so intuitive; I was up and running right away!!”

“I think it is very easy to use and the support is great. I like that I can change the screens myself, to be however we want.”

Dawn Trescott
Columbia Child Development, PA

Reference from Omaha Schools Foundation Logo

“EZ-CARE2 has taken all the pain out of my complex billing.”

Alice Love
Omaha Schools Foundation

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“EZ-CARE2 has been a huge improvement for our school sponsored childcare program. It has professionalized our process and resulted in increased timely payments. Since we have 15 sites, this program has standardized our bookkeeping. Great program! “

Joan Kennedy
Parma City Schools – Extended Day Care, OH

Reference from Northeastern Child Care Services Logo

“EZ-CARE2 is easy to use and is even easier for record keeping. You don’t have to go through tons of paperwork when you could get any answer with the click of a few buttons.”

Julie Mattison
Northeastern Child Care Services, PA