Childcare Scheduling & Attendance Management Software

Whether you’re trying to meet your state’s mandated staff to child ratio, plan for staff vacations, or find future enrollment opportunities by analyzing the past month’s attendance, EZCare’s scheduling and attendance software has got your childcare program covered.

Childcare Schedule and Attendance Management Calendar

Flexible Childcare & Staff Schedules

  • Manage child enrollment against classroom capacity.
  • Plan child class advancement and seasonal changes while maintaining current schedules.
  • Store unlimited schedule and attendance history as well as in-and-out time pairs.
  • Schedule before and after-school care and drop-in daycare, along with regular enrollment.
  • Minimize data entry by creating and applying schedule templates.
  • Record vacations and planned absences without affecting normal schedules.
  • Analyze staffing ratios and utilization to improve efficiency.
  • Anticipate the future availability of enrollment slots.
Childcare Reporting Features List
Childcare Attendance Software Features in Action

Staff and Child Check-In/Out

Our multi-functional module provides a professional, convenient solution for tracking attendance, communicating with parents and staff, providing account information, and more!

  • Ensure accurate attendance tracking.
  • Enhance parent engagement.
  • Improve your staff-to-child ratio.
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Utilize a time clock and door release system that work together with your EZCare software.

Track Childcare Attendance

Grow revenue by identifying available openings and ensuring each program is filled to capacity.

EZCare software can track actual vs. contracted attendance and produce attendance sheets and reports.

  • Anticipate future availability of enrollment slots.
  • Analyze staff utilization and boost staffing efficiency.

There are a variety of Attendance Sheet formats to choose from. This weekly sign-in sheet provides a list of scheduled children and a place to sign in and out.

Childcare Reporting Features List

Before we had we had a dedicated position to manage our scheduling day-in and day-out. Now that we have automatic scheduling, we’ve eliminated the need for that position entirely. So I guess you could say it saves us 2080 hours a year!

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