Childcare Scheduling & Attendance Management Software

Scheduling and Attendance Made Easy

Whether you’re trying to meet your state’s mandated staff-to-child ratio, plan for staff vacations, or find future enrollment opportunities by analyzing the past month’s attendance, EZCare’s scheduling and attendance software has got your childcare program covered.

Flexible Childcare, Preschool and School-age Program Schedules

  • Manage enrollment against classroom capacity.
  • Plan class advancement and seasonal changes while maintaining current schedules.
  • Store unlimited schedule and attendance history as well as in-and-out time pairs.
  • Handle before- and after-school care and drop-in daycare with ease.
  • Minimize data entry by creating and applying schedule templates.
Picture of parent using time clock biometric childcare check-in system connected to door security.

Check-in and Check-out, Simplified

Record attendance with a professional, convenient solutions for logging to-the-minute time pairs, communicating with parents and staff, providing account information, and more!

  • Track attendance instantly and with accuracy using our integrated TimeClock software.
  • Enhance parent engagement with notifications and mobile messaging.
  • Print daily and weekly sign-in sheets in seconds.
  • Provide teachers with one-touch attendance capability using the EZSmiles mobile app.
  • Post messages and reminders where parents can’t miss them.
  • Improve your staff-to-child ratio with real-time hour-by-hour.
  • Utilize a door release system, so parents know you take safety and security seriously.

Staff Planning and Attendance Made Easy

Grow revenue by identifying available openings and ensuring each program is filled to capacity.EZCare software can track actual vs. contracted attendance and produce attendance sheets and reports.

  • Track and export payroll hours with accuracy.
  • Record staff vacations and planned absences.
  • Analyze staffing ratios and utilization to improve efficiency.
  • Anticipate the future availability of enrollment slots.