The EZCare Payment Portal

Give parents the ability to make a payment, and access information at any time, from anywhere.

The EZCare Payment Portal is a self-service tool for parents that you can link from your childcare center website. Completely mobile-responsive and secured for payment processing, the EZCare Payment Portal is the fastest and most effective way to get paid.

Childcare Software Payment Portal

Set permissions for parents to access or edit any of the fields that you choose to make available, including:

  • Contact information
  • Current and previous bills
  • Payments
  • Notes
EZCare Payment Portal shown on mobile devices and desktop browser

Save hours of administrative time by giving parents access to EZCare through the Payment Portal.

Parents can make one-time payments with their desktop or mobile device or set up automatic payments by e-check or credit card. Account information is stored securely, and the balance due its drafted each time you post bills to the ledger.

Simplify Payments

The online parent payment portal is connected directly to the family’s ledger so, EZCare is automatically updated whenever a childcare tuition payment is made!

Customize Screens

We’ll set up your Payment Portal to function exactly the way you want it to! Your childcare center’s logo will be displayed on the portal, not ours. Working collaboratively with our implementation team, we help you select which fields should be available for parents to access or edit on their own. And you can decide to add new fields, such as a welcome message, alerts and reminders, or latest news.

Manage Fields

Our Field Manager tool helps you create a unique layout of your Payment Portal by selecting the functions of the software that you want to make available to a parent or guardian. Demographic data such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and email can be entered remotely by the parent and then verified by you.

Payment Portal helping parents be more engaged with childcare center

Online Tuition Posting Options For Your Childcare Business

Allow parents to manage their own payment options.

The payment portal allows parents to easily set up different payment methods and change them as needed. With this self-service portal, parents can:

  • Check attendance and enrollment history.
  • Make or edit scheduled payments.
  • View payment history.
  • Update and store new payment methods.
EZCare Childcare Enrollment Forms Screenshot