Childcare Accounting Software with Data Management

Organize and track all of your data with ease!

By storing family, child, and staff data in EZCare, you’ll work more efficiently and improve business decisions by making your data work for you with our powerful child care accounting, reporting and analysis tools.

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Child Care Data Management Software Summary

EZCare’s accounting & data management capabilities make the most of:

Childcare Reporting Features List

Family and Child Data

Store, organize and report on family and child data with:

  • Extensive demographic and enrollment data
  • Multiple addresses and guardian relationships
  • Checklists for forms and permissions
  • Notes fields to track accidents, development issues, and other comments
  • Emergency contacts and authorized pick-ups
  • Pictures of children, parents, or pick-ups

Client Review

EZCare has completely changed how we operate as a school district for the better.

Childcare Medical Record Management Features List

Medical / Immunization Records

Easily report on children’s vaccinations, medications, health records, and more.

Track data on the health and well-being of children in your program, including:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Medical forms
  • Vaccines
  • Illnesses
  • Required immunizations and due dates

Overall Business Progress

EZCare’s recordkeeping primes your data for reporting so you can get the big picture and make better decisions that will ensure your child care center’s future is brighter than ever!

Make better business decisions with the right reporting. EZCare comes with dozens of useful reports that give complete flexibility to sort and filter on any fields so you get exactly the information you need.

Child Care Accounting Reports Include:

  • Summaries
  • Statistical Reports
  • File Exports

Childcare Business Process Reports Include:

  • Customized labels
  • Customized Lists
  • System report modifications
  • New custom reports
Childcare Reporting Features List
Childcare Staff Management Features List

Child Care Staff Management

Oversee child care staff development with the staff module lets you track and report on up to 9 pages of employee data, including:

  • Employment and benefit data
  • Performance reviews
  • Medical and contact data
  • Certifications and trainings
  • Work schedules
  • Staff to child ratios
  • Revenue vs. labor