EZ-CARE2 Web Announcement – New Bundled Pricing Based on Features and Number of Users

EZ-CARE2 Web Announcement – New Bundled Pricing Based on Features and Number of Users

SofterWare, Inc., the developer of EZ-CARE2 Center Management Software, has introduced bundled pricing for EZ-CARE2 Web.

School-age programs and childcare centers now have the choice of three simple pricing plans that include comprehensive and fully integrated center management tools that fit any budget.

SofterWare has packaged the most popular features into three unique bundles, making EZ-CARE2 Web affordable for almost any size childcare center, preschool, or after-school program. Starting at just $59 a month, all packages include premium support and unlimited number of children/families.

Ron Leatherman, Vice President for EZ-CARE2, commented that “EZ-CARE has served the childcare community for 30-years, longer than any other management software company. We understand the economic challenges the market faces. Configuring our offering into different packages based on a center’s need and pricing based on number of users gives virtually all childcare centers access to the time- and money-saving features that come with EZ-CARE2 Web.”

Doug Schoenberg, CEO of SofterWare, noted, “Childcare centers and school-age programs today need sophisticated, professionally designed tools to manage their programs more than ever. Too often their limited budgets force them to make do with no support or technical help, no access to their software when and where they need it, and spreadsheets that they quickly outgrow. That’s why we’re so excited to provide software packages that every program can afford today, but not outgrow tomorrow.”

For more information about EZ-CARE2’s new pricing, or to request a no-obligation price quote, please visit www.ezcaresoftware.com/pricing or call (800) 220-4111.

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SofterWare Inc.

SofterWare, Inc., provides software for several vertical markets and the company’s client base includes thousands of organizations throughout North America and the world. For over 30 years, SofterWare’s mission has been to develop, market, maintain, and support software that is easy to learn, easy to use, and adaptable to user’s unique needs. SofterWare currently offers EZ-CARE2 child care management software for daycares and school-age management; DonorPerfect fundraising software for donor management; EZ-CAMP2 for management and online registration; and MMS for Schools: Student Information Systems. For more information on SofterWare and its products, please visit www.softerware.com.

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