Tuition Collection Success Story

Montessori School using EZCare Automates Payment Processing and Eliminates Double Data Entry

As finance manager of Columbus Montessori Education Center, Tiffany Harmon was disturbed by the amount of time that staff was spending on fee collection. This time would be better spent working with the 250 families participating in the center’s early learning experiences and accredited elementary and middle school programs.

To help resolve this issue, they first experimented with using their bank to collect payments electronically.

“It was a bit of a processing nightmare because it didn’t integrate at all with our accounting, and there was a lot of double entry,” Tiffany said. “We decided that we needed to find a system that integrated enrollment, billing, and electronic tuition payment processing. Luckily, we found EZCare.”

Montessori School Tuition Collection Success Story

We love EZCare’s flexibility and our ability to customize

According to Tiffany, “We really appreciate the flexibility that the software provides, as it allows us to accommodate most of our quirky rates and policies. Most importantly, there is now no double entry since the electronic payments are automatically posted to families’ ledgers.” Tiffany also developed a greater understanding of Account Receivables balances and as a result, she now manages them more effectively.

We now spend less than an hour to do what used to take more than entire day to complete. “We now collect 95% of our tuition, which can run $100,000 each month, automatically on the day these payments are due,” she explained.

Parents are free to choose when and how they want to pay

“The majority of our families had no problem with the idea of electronic transactions, but a few certainly had concerns about security,” said Tiffany.” We worked hard with them to help them to understand that the process was actually safer and gave them better protection than checks.”

The flexibility of the EZCare system enabled the center to offer parents some choices in selecting payment collection dates. “We now allow parents to choose if they want their tuition collected on the 1st or 15th of the month, and we also give them the option of prepaying their entire year’s tuition in return for a 3% discount,” Tiffany said.

Our families think that paper payment is passé

Columbus Montessori has decided to make electronic payments their required method of payment. Said Tiffany, “We’ve made a few exceptions, but for the most part, time spent processing tuition checks is a thing of the past.”

To see how you can save time and work more efficiently with EZCare, call 800-220-4111, or click here to join a guided tour.

Time spent processing tuition checks is a thing of the past.

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