Childcare Technology Success Story

School District using EZCare Grows and Prospers

Issaquah School District’s Before and After School Care Program (Issaquah BASC) began in 1993 with the support of parents, principals, and district administration. Although their children could attend any local childcare center, parents preferred to leave them in the hands of school staff they already knew and trusted. This consistency also led to easier communication between parents and program staff, because parents could get all of their info about their child’s school and childcare center from a single source.

Issaquah School District's Childcare Technology Success Story

Starting his tenure in 1993 as an educational assistant, Nathan Winegar has seen Issaquah’s BASC program grow from just 2 sites serving 90 students to 15 elementary and 4 middle school sites that serve a total of 2,000 students.

Today, Nathan leads this multi-site comprehensive childcare program as Issaquah BASC’s Director. With an ever-growing waiting list of 800+ students and a community of parents who rally around them, the staff at Issaquah BASC has created a childcare environment that goes beyond the basics by hosting fun events for the whole family and complementing their care with creative educational activities.

EZCare enables district’s growth

As someone who’s been at the helm of Issaquah School District’s childcare program for 23 years, Nathan’s seen the rapid evolution of Issaquah BASC – from enrollment to offerings, to operations, and more.

Among all of the changes, the biggest, most impactful change to the way Nathan manages the financial operations of Issaquah BASC is his investment in EZCare Childcare Software.

Nathan explains, “We used to do everything by paper, including billing, before we moved to EZCare. As we got bigger and bigger, there was so much coming through that we had to move away from our manual processes. We then purchased EZCare. It was a big decision and a big leap for the district to allow me to make that change.”

Using EZCare with its current 2,000 students, Issaquah BASC reduced billing time from 16 hours to 60 minutes.

Before EZCare, invoicing parents took Issaquah BASC’s administrative team two full days, even with multiple people working. EZCare moved their time-stealing manual tasks online.

“Today, receipting is just downloading an import, which is awesome. Best of all, there’s no longer a need for us to print invoices, fold them, stuff envelopes and create return envelopes. With EZCare, our approximate 16-hour invoicing process now takes minutes,” Nathan says.

Online payments wins parents’ seal of approval

Since Issaquah BASC adopted EZCare’s online bill pay option for parents, 90% of parents pay for their childcare online.

Prior to being equipped to offer online bill pay, Issaquah BASC sent paper invoices to parents through the mail by hand stuffing the invoice and a return envelope so parents could mail in a check. Upon receiving the checks, their administrative staff still had to handwrite receipts and make a copy for Issaquah BASC’s records.

Receiving and receipting all parents’ payments by check took up a significant amount of the secretaries’ day. In addition to collecting checks, they had to pinpoint whose payments were missing by manually accounting for each check received.

Nathan says that parents are just as happy with EZCare’s online bill pay as his staff is. “Now with EZCare, parents can pay for childcare online. Our community absolutely loves it. It’s a huge convenience for them, especially because they build points and miles on their credit cards. It’s not only easier for us, it’s easier for them, too!”

Because of EZCare, Issaquah has much more time to focus on what really matters.

With EZCare, Issaquah BASC can take the time to celebrate the reason they’re in business in the first place – their children!

Issaquah BASC prides themselves in providing opportunities and experiences that the students “would not receive unless they were enrolled in our program”. Their program Vision is ‘It’s All About The Kids’ and with more time available to them, they can make that happen.

Issaquah BASC continues to be a tremendous success because of creative activities like these, where parents are invited to experience the happiness children feel at the program firsthand.

When parents are seeking a childcare center, recommendations from friends and family are crucial to their decision-making process. Since purchasing EZCare, Issaquah has the time to ensure that every parent recommendation is a gleaming one.

“Since we started using EZCare, we have moved from operating $3 million a year to $8 million a year and we haven’t lost a single penny yet,” Winegar concluded.

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Before we had we had a dedicated position to manage our scheduling day-in and day-out. Now that we have automatic scheduling, we’ve eliminated the need for that position entirely. So I guess you could say it saves us 2080 hours a year!

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