Montessori School Management Software

Solutions for Montessori Schools

Montessori Schools trust EZCare to help manage enrollment, scheduling, payment processing, and more. EZCare’s integrated approach to data management, billing, attendance tracking, and other recordkeeping tasks saves you time and keeps your data perfectly organized.

Measure attendance and optimize staff to child ratios

EZCare’s Time Clock records check-ins and outs and allows you to share attendance data with parents and staff. This is a powerful planning tool for administrators, allowing them to quickly identify openings and add children from a waiting list to their classroom.

Keep track of important medical and dietary data

Make sure that students are up to date on their immunizations and make staff aware of any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or medical challenges.

Maintain safety and security

EZCare’s door entry control feature ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the children in your care.

Organize data in one central location

Chart students’ developmental progress, coordinate transportation, record student and staff absences, and keep emergency contacts and medical records current and easily accessible.

Train staff quickly and easily

EZCare’s simple, intuitive interface helps bring new staff up to speed quickly and tracks their continuing education requirements and certifications.

Keep payment records current and get paid faster

When you process payments through EZ Payment Services, information flows directly into your EZCare system, minimizing mistakes and eliminating duplication of data. Plus, you’ll have access to payments within one business day.

Forecast a brighter future for current and prospective students

Customize screens and reports to ensure that you use your data productively to drive decisions that expand your program and increase your bottom line.

We’re here when you need us

Our highly-trained, dedicated team of customer support specialists has more than three decades of experience helping schools like yours grow and flourish.

We now spend less than an hour to do what used to take more than entire day to complete.

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