Online Childcare Management Software for Military Bases and Government Offices

Solutions for Military Bases and Government Offices

Many military bases and government offices that host youth programs turn to EZCare to simplify administration and track important personal data. EZCare makes managing a busy center with subsidy options and drop-in hours so much easier.

Track attendance and ensure proper staffing

EZCare’s records check-ins and outs and allows you to share attendance data with parents and staff. Administrators can better handle scheduled attendance and ensure adequate staff coverage for emergency childcare needs.

Manage multiple sites by centralizing data management

All of the information your need is stored in a central database and can be easily accessed by staff at all of your sites.

Customize screens and reports to maximize productivity

With EZCare, you can use your data to make sound decisions to meet current and future program needs.

Train staff quickly and easily

EZCare’s simple, intuitive interface helps bring new staff up to speed quickly and keeps a record of required employee certifications.

Keep track of important personal information

Make sure that all children in your care are up to date on their immunizations and make staff aware of any food allergies, dietary restrictions, and physical or medical challenges.

Keep payment records current and get paid faster

When you process payments through EZ Payment Services, information flows directly into your EZCare system, minimizing mistakes and eliminating duplication of data. Plus, you’ll have access to payments within one business day.

Maintain safety and security

EZCare’s door entry control feature ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the children. Give your parents peace of mind and afford them entry through a key fob, PIN-pad, or fingerprint scanner.

Empower parents to pay safely, securely and more conveniently

Accept credit, debit or e-check payments through the online parent portal, auto pay, mobile app, or in person.

We offer support and assistance when you need it

Our highly-trained, dedicated team of customer support specialists has more than three decades of experience helping programs like yours grow and flourish.