Online Child Care Management Software for Community Youth Programs

Solutions for Community Youth Programs

Families turn to local YMCA/YWCAs and JCCs for affordable, high-quality childcare. Through the years, these agencies have used EZCare to address their data management, attendance tracking, security, billing, payment, and other recordkeeping needs.

Online Child Care Management Software for Community Youth Programs

Empower parents to pay safely, securely and more conveniently

Accept credit, debit, or e-check payments through the online parent portal, auto pay, mobile app, or in person.

Keep payment records current and get paid faster

When you process payments through EZ Payment Services, information flows directly into your EZCare system, minimizing mistakes and eliminating double data entry. You’ll have access to payments within one business day, helping you keep your program fully staffed and supplied.

Facilitate accurate attendance tracking

EZCare offers a Time Clock to record check-ins and outs, enabling administrators to share attendance data with parents and staff and ensure programs are running at full capacity. Time Clock helps you quickly identify openings so you can add children who are currently on waiting lists.

Better manage memberships

EZCare’s flexible design makes it easy to track family membership statuses and ensure that payments are up to date.

Centralize data management across multiple sites

With EZCare, you and your center be more productive by fully integrating all segments of child care administration. You can ensure that all staff is working with the latest data by eliminating multiple databases.

Keep track of important personal data

Confirm that all immunizations are up to date and alert staff to any food allergies, dietary restrictions, and medical or physical challenges.

Maintain safety and security

EZCare’s door entry control feature promotes child safety and security by restricting classroom access to teachers and aides. Parents can gain entry with a key fob, PIN-pad, or fingerprint scanner.

Staff training and tracking is quick and easy

EZCare’s simple, intuitive interface helps bring new staff up to speed and tracks continuing education requirements and certifications.

Keep families informed and engaged

Highlight new programs and profile child and staff achievements by broadcasting e-newsletters to members.

Keep your current and prospective members satisfied

With EZCare, you can use your data to make sound decisions to meet current and future program needs. You will have more time to communicate with existing members and create marketing materials that make your program attractive to new constituents.

Gain a partner in your success with EZCare

Our highly-trained, dedicated team of customer support specialists has more than three decades of experience helping programs like yours grow and flourish.

EZCare is the single best software purchase we’ve ever made. Since we started using EZCare, we have moved from operating $3 million a year to $8 million a year and we haven’t lost a single penny yet.

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