Childcare Billing Success Story

District Using EZCare Cuts Credit Card Processing Time by 80%

The Madison School District in Phoenix, Arizona provides preschool and before and after school programs to more than 1,000 families in eight different schools. District Account Manager Quisha Ryan was looking for a way to improve Madison’s credit card payment processing system to make it easier for parents to pay tuition easily, safely, and securely.

School District Afterschool Billing Success Story

Online payment processing made billing and fee collection easier

Quisha explained that the school district was already accepting credit card payments, but processing them required parents to either call or visit the accounting office during regular business hours. This was inconvenient for working parents, who were hesitant to allow the school district to keep their credit card information on file for current and future use.

None of the existing options worked for Quisha. “Each billing period, I had to manually enter credit card numbers and payment amounts into our credit card terminal, and then post the payments to each parent’s ledger. With as many as 500 credit card transactions to complete every billing period, processing would take me two days,” she said.

The program reduced credit card payment processing time by 80%!

Quisha reports that when the district decided to implement EZCare’s email invoicing and online credit card payment system, they achieved dramatic results. “We sent out the e-invoices at 9:45 a.m. and watched the money roll in! By noon we had already received 35 payments and collected $7,000– 24 hours later, we were up to $19,000.”

Posting the payments involves very little work. Staff simply reviews them in the online review system and approves them for download into EZCare. “What used to take me two full days every billing period was reduced to one hour – an over 80% reduction in work!” Quisha added.

EZCare makes it easy to correct or update payment information

If parents accidentally mistype credit card information or if the card they choose cannot be processed, they’re notified instantly and can correct the issue immediately. Quisha noted, “They can use whatever card they want to pay with each time and even split the payment between two cards. Best of all, their payments are easily and automatically posted to the appropriate family ledger in EZCare – without any additional data entry.”

Parents give EZCare their seal of approval

The innovations have been well-received by Madison parents. “They seem to really like receiving the email summarizing their charges and the convenience of paying online, when it’s most convenient to them. “Usage is growing each month and we expect that, shortly, 80% of our parents will make their payments online.”

It’s a great way to update family contact information

As an added benefit, the district now has additional, accurate email addresses for families in their database. “Prior to the launch of online payments, we only had email addresses for about 75% of parents. Once we announced that we would be sending invoices by email and allowing online payment, parents were happy to give us their information,” said Quisha.

“This has really been a fantastic win-win for District staff and the families we serve. It has significantly reduced my workload while also making it easier and more convenient for our parents. We just love EZCare!

To see how you can save time and work more efficiently with EZCare, call 800-220-4111, or click here to take a guided tour.

Before we had we had a dedicated position to manage our scheduling day-in and day-out. Now that we have automatic scheduling, we’ve eliminated the need for that position entirely. So I guess you could say it saves us 2080 hours a year!

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