Childcare Business Operations Success Story

Public School Using EZCare Learns That Time Is Money

When Michelle Renaud joined Fraser Public Schools as their accounting supervisor two years ago, she quickly learned that the Michigan school system wasn’t using EZCare software to its full potential. “We weren’t taking advantage of all the tools it offered,” she said. “Most of our processes were still done manually.”

Streamline systems to quickly bill and collect payments

Fraser Public Schools serves more than 5,000 students in nine sites through preschool, daycare, summer childcare center and afterschool programs. “When the new school year came around, it would take us three weeks to input all of the new registrations by hand, so we were unable to bill even though the kids had been in school for almost a month,” Michelle said. Michelle knew that staff was spending far too much time on data entry, “hard copy” billing and in-person registration and payment processing. She just didn’t know how to optimize EZCare use to effect a solution.

EZCare accelerates the process

Michelle contacted EZCare’s customer support team who advised her to use payment processing, TimeClock, and online registration forms, all of which have dramatically changed the way Fraser Public Schools operate.

Billing that used to take two weeks is now processed in just 24 hours

“Mailing costs and payroll costs have dropped significantly and our staff spend far less time collecting payments,” said Michelle, noting that the online payment process is more secure, safer, and traceable. “And because it’s so easy, we’re collecting more electronically than ever before. Electronic payments jumped from $15,000 to $198,000 in one year.”

Parents are happier and feel connected

Parents who use the TimeClock to check their children in or out can also access any real-time information or messages that they need. “This makes it much easier to communicate with them and takes the hassle out of tracking who has been dropped off or picked up,” Michelle explained, adding “Registrations have also become a breeze.” She explained that paper registrations were slow, and unorganized. Now parents can register instantly online, and it’s all automatically transferred right to the EZCare system.

“Overall registrations have increased, and parents love the ability to register & pay online,” Michelle explained.

Change can do you good

Michelle maintains, “Parents are thrilled with the innovations, so much so that they have been asking why we didn’t make them sooner!” Initially, staff worried that families would be resistant to changing the registration and payment processes, but they are happy to report that parents loved it.

Michelle acknowledges that staff had to overcome initial fears and anxieties. “We’re not ‘tech people’ and the setup initially seemed intimidating.”

Participation in one-on-one trainings and webinars calmed staff apprehensions. “We’ve really learned the EZCare system and it has made a huge difference in the way we do business,” she said.

Michelle has high praise for the EZCare support staff who walked her team through all of the steps needed to answer their questions. “If someone were to ask me, I would recommend the Premium Support Package, which allows you to call in at any time for support.”

Michelle concluded, “I know change can be scary, but EZCare has completely changed how we operate as a school district for the better.”

To see how you can save time and work more efficiently with EZCare, call 800-220-4111, or click here to take a guided tour.

Before we had we had a dedicated position to manage our scheduling day-in and day-out. Now that we have automatic scheduling, we’ve eliminated the need for that position entirely. So I guess you could say it saves us 2080 hours a year!

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