Elder Care Center Management Software

Solutions For Adult Care Centers

Men and women who attend elder care programs need staff members’ time and attention. EZCare’s integrated approach to data management, billing, attendance-tracking, and other recordkeeping functions, gives care providers the time they need to devote to their clients.

While, there are many superficial similarities between managing a childcare program and an elder care program, EZCare management software has many features that work particularly well for adult day care programs.

Track attendance and optimize staff to client ratios

EZCare’s Time Clock records check-ins and outs and allows you to share attendance data with client’s families, doctors and medical providers, as well as insurance programs. This powerful planning tool allows administrators to quickly identify and advertise openings and manage their waiting lists.

Keep important medical and personal information current

Easily customize any screen, field, or report to track medical histories, insurance information, and emergency contacts. Make staff aware of any food or drug allergies, dietary restrictions, physical, and/or medical challenges.

Quickly and easily train staff

EZCare’s simple, intuitive interface helps bring new staff up to speed quickly and keeps a record of required employee certifications.

Pay for services safely, securely and more conveniently

Accept credit, debit or e-check payments through the online portal, mobile app., or in person and make it easier for client families to pay: online, automatically, via mobile, or in-person and receive immediate confirmation of payment.

Keep records current and get payments and insurance reimbursements faster

When you process elder care payments through EZ Payment Services, information flows directly into your EZCare system, minimizing mistakes and eliminating duplication of data. You’ll have access to payments within one business day, helping you keep your center fully staffed and supplied.

Count on our stellar support team

Our highly-trained, dedicated team of customer support specialists has more than three decades of experience helping organizations like yours grow and flourish.

I use EZCare to post payments, enter client information, and post tuition. I use it to help email invoices to parents so that they may keep track of their balances. It also provides them a statement to use for tax purposes. This has taken a lot of work off the owner.

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