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Ask an experienced childcare business owner what the secret is to success, and you might be surprised by the answer. Childcare providers aren’t relying on big money advertising or trade secrets to grow their businesses. Instead, they’re depending on other centers to share what’s working in open networking forums; this highlights the importance that online communities hold for many small childcare businesses.


Experience, Exchange, Expand

Just as new mothers seek advice from experienced moms they trust, it’s up to you to reach out and exchange ideas with other successful, experienced childcare providers. Childcare business owners share a desire to learn from and teach other businesses. For many, the experience of starting and running a business positions them to educate others about what works, what doesn’t and where to look for help.

Connections between childcare organizations and schools matter, not only because they establish ways for owners and caregivers to find advice and support, but because the things they learn from other businesses can help their own childcare centers grow and expand.


Online Communities Offer Flexibility

Time-strapped childcare providers often serve as the President, CEO, billing department, customer service team, secretary, and everything in between. Flexible scheduling is often not practical, and with that in mind, businesses are turning to each other to learn and connect online. Online communities are sources of connection, support and advice that can be accessed when it’s convenient to your schedule.

Most childcare businesses face similar challenges — staff turnover, keeping on top of new regulations, tracking attendance, collecting tuition and fees, cutting administrative time and more. Online networking allows childcare providers to find out how other business owners are dealing with these issues and adapt what they learn to meet the needs of their own organizations on their own time.

Sometimes, what you need is ideas and answers. Carve out a little time each week to browse online forums and look for posts that address questions or problems you may have encountered along the way to building your childcare business. The connections you make can be valuable in the long run.

Starting and running a childcare business can be extremely rewarding, but it comes with a set of challenges you don’t need to face alone. Whether you are just getting started or just looking for fresh new ways to tackle old problems, don’t be afraid to reach out for some help from experienced childcare business owners through online support communities and networking groups.


by Wendy Young

Apr 3 18
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