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While Palm Springs is known for its epic star-studded music festivals, this past weekend buzzed with the arrival of a whole new kind of rockstar. The Boost Conference is an annual meetup of educators, administrators, directors, and more from before-and-after school programs across the country and beyond. The Boost Conference more »

EZCare Client Spotlight: Issaquah School District Before and After School Program

“EZCare is the single best software purchase we’ve ever made.” – Nathan Winegar, Director of Issaquah School District Before and After School Care Issaquah School District’s Before and After School Care Program (Issaquah BASC) began in 1993 with the support of parents, principals, and district administration. Although their children could more »

Childcare Management Trends: Auto-Pay, Morning Rituals, and More!

  5 Reasons Why It’s Better To Collect Childcare Payments Via Auto-Pay. An auto-pay plan is the easiest, most efficient way for childcare centers to collect childcare fees and for parents to pay them. Literacy is for everyone. Some centers are harnessing creative ways to ensure that all children have more »

4 Ways to Prepare your Childcare Center for a Snow Closure

When projected flurries turn into full-blown blizzards, how does your childcare center stay in touch? Consider your last snow closure and ask yourself: Did you have a plan in place? How well did you communicate with parents? How much time did you spend getting the word out that your center more »

EZ HOW-TO: Date Shortcuts in EZCare

Whether you’re entering transactions on family ledgers or filling in schedules for new children, EZCare can help you save time with each date you enter.  Here’s how you use shortcuts to enter dates: Hit / and press TAB to get today’s date. To fill in the current month and year more »

4 Easy Ways to Get Parents to Enroll in Online Payments

If you read about how these 3 EZCare clients saved time, hassle, and money by switching to collecting childcare payments online, you’re probably considering making this change for your center.  Since an online payment plan is only effective if parents agree to participate, here are 4 simple ways you can more »

4 New Year’s Resolutions for your Childcare Center

New Year’s Day symbolizes a fresh start, giving us a chance to look at what we’ve done in the past year and motivating ourselves to do it better this time around. As a childcare center manager, it’s likely that a single resolution won’t do. When you’re running a business with so many moving more »

Collect Childcare Payments Faster, Easier, and Smarter!

Collect Childcare Payments Faster, Easier, and Smarter! If your childcare center hasn’t made the switch to online payment options or if you have and the service you’ve got just isn’t cutting it, you may want to consider the benefits of EZCare’s payment processing suite. Made for the modern age, EZCare’s more »

The Numbers Don’t Lie: You’ll Love EZ-Support!

One of the best ways to measure client satisfaction is using a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Simply stated, NPS is the answer to one question: Would you recommend this (product, service, company) to another person? To determine NPS, clients rate the product, in this case EZCare, on a scale of 0-10. Those more »